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Ork Infantry VI - project finished on 9/23/09

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: 8 Grotz and 3 Meganobz- painted in Goff Klan colors.


Initial Color Scheme Shots

Here are the grots...



... and the Meganobz.

I painted their armor primarily Catachan Green, with a few different colored plates thrown in.

It gives them a kind of 'patchwork' look, and implies that the armor plating was looted from a number of different sources. The green ones being from Imperial Tanks :-)


Closer shot of the Meganobz.


Completed Models

The grots are complete with dullcoat and static grass.

Click image for a larger view.


And here are the Meganobz, with a new gob for the lead model.

Click image for a larger view.