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Modular Battlewagon - project finished on 12/3/09

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: The Games Workshop Battlewagon, built with a bunch of options so it can be fielded with a variety of different weapon configurations - painted in Goff Klan colors.



Here's the Battlewagon with the basic chassis and all the desired options laid out. The Reinforced Ram (shown on the model) and the Deff Rolla (left foreground) are both interchangeable.

The various components will remain seprate so the Battlewagon can be fielded with a variety of different options,


Shown here is what I would refer to as a 'Shooty' wagon. It has the components stacked on and makes for a nice bullet magnet that can also pack a punch.

The options shown here are:

- 'Ard Case
- Killkannon
- Reinforced Ram
- 2 Big Shootas
- Lobba
- Armor Plates
- Grot Riggers


Next up is one of my favorite Battlewagon configurations. I call this beast a 'Battle Taxi'. It's designed to roll up to the enemy as fast as possible, dump a mob 'o boyz in thier face, and then roll around the enemy lines smashing things.

This thing is cheap, cheerful, and a whole lot of fun. ;-)

The options shown are:

- Deff Rolla
- 1 Big Shoota
- Armor Plates
- Grot Riggers

Next up will be primer and painting.


After priming the model black, I gave the metal components a good drybrushing of Botlgun Metal.

After the messy drybrushing stage was over, I went back over the model and touched up all the black armor panels.

I used Codex Grey to give an edge highlight to all the black armor panels, and started on the detail work.

The red glyphs in various places are done in Blood Red with an edge highlight of Blazing Orange.

The 'checker' patterns are basic Skull white and Chaos Black.

I still have to paint the Deff Rolla and the crew, hence the reason you don't see them in the pictures.

At this point, the model looks pretty clean. I still have to do the battle damage and weathering.

For now, consider this 'showroom' model, right off the factory floor.

Don't worry, it'll look all grungy and beat to #$@! soon enough.

Here's a look at the passenger compartment. I gave it a wash of Devlan Mud to give it a bit of a greasy look.

It still needs a bit more work, i.e. scratches, mud, etc.

Here's a closer shot of the front of the wagon, like the rest of the wagon, it still needs some 'breaking in' to look like a true Ork vehicle.

Here are all the components, fully weathered ready for a coat of varnish.

A close up of the grot rigger. I'm leaving the grot rigger loose along with rest of the components so it can be glued in place where desired.

Close up of the visible crew members, a grot gunner and the Tank Kommanda.

Here's a close up of the passenger compartment. The customer wanted some 'gubbinz' laying around to make it look 'lived in'. There's an ammo crate, a choppa, and a couple of shootas in there as well as a few other bits.

View of the passenger compoartment from another angle showing the shootas.

The battlewagon can be fielded in a variety of configurations.

Here's the 'shooty' one....

...and the 'battle taxi'.

At this point, the model is complete, except for dullcoat varnish to protect the paint.