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'Outlaw's Renegades' Banners - project finished 11/7/08

Customer: John Kleber

Project Outline: Banners for an Ork 'Biker' Army. The design for the central icon is based on the classic 'Jolly Roger' design using an Ork Skull glyph and crossed pistons.


Custom Banner Poles

The banner pole that comes with the existing Ork Biker model is swept back at an angle of 64° in relation to the ground.

I will be matching this angle in my banner designs. The holes for the custom banner poles should be drilled at roughly this angle.

The best material to use for custom poles is small gauge brass tubing available at any good hobby shop. The tubing bends fairly easily so even if the drilled hole isn't perfect, the pole can be bent into shape to match the angle of the banner.

Initial Design Concepts

The first design is for the standard Ork Biker.

The banner design is a basic replica of the 'Jolly Roger' with no extras. Da basic boyz don't rate a bunch of fancy gubbinz on their flags :-)

The basic banner is 1/2 inch tall and roughly 1.5 inches along the bottom edge. They will be provided with a 'rectangular' back edge, giving plenty of room to give them the tattered look with a hooby knife.

Next up is the Nob Banner.

This banner has a few more frills in the shape of 'dags' along the top[ and bottom borders.

The banner is also slightly taller than the basic banner, about 5/8 inch.

Last but not least is the banner for the Warboss.

I came up with a couple of different designs for this guy. Both designs are larger than the Nob Banner, being 3/4 inch tall.

Plese note the bike in these shots is just a standard size bike. The bike for a Boss will probably be converted to be a bit larger.

The first design incorporates a checkered border, while the second design also includes a 'flame job'

Both designs have a 'tattered' back edge in these concept shots but will be provided with a rectangular back edge.