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Ork Warboss in Mega Armor - project finished on 10/29/10

Customer: Jim DeRock

Project Outline: A custom Mega-Armoed Warboss converted from the Ghazghkull model.


Assembly / Conversion

From this shot you can see where I've pivoted the main body of the Ghazghkull model at the waist, and have him standing on some slate to give him more of a 'straight-on' stance as opposed to the slight lean of the opriginal.

I've also replaced the head with one from a different metal warboss and added a cybork eye to one side of the face. I've used some small gauge wire to connect the cybork eye to the extra scope on his gun arm. Not that this will help his accuracy much, but hey... it's worth a shot :)

I've also added a rersin 'Grim' glyph to the middle of the boss pole to add some height and make it look a bit more impressive.



From this angle here, you can see where I've extended the barrels on the shoota arm slightly, and also replaced the 'finger' of the powerklaw with some chainsaw bitz, to make it "extra rippy".


I've also added some custom shoulder plates and a small plate to the top of the torso, all are made from plasticard and the one in the foreground has the skull of an unfortunate victim impaled on it.



Here's a shot from the other side where you can get a better look at the left shoulder pad, as well as the small 'punch dagger' style spiked plate I added to the gun arm.