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Mad Dok Grotsnik - project finished on 10/8/09

Customer: Eric Hubbard

Project Outline: A custom conversion of everybody's favorite Doc.


Concept, Construction and Conversion

I used a Nob from the Assault on Black Reach set as the base for the Dok.

I built a custom bosspole for him from a length of brass rod topped with a skull from the Ork Boyz sprue.

The head is a Nob head from the Ork Biker set with an iron gob from the Ork Boyz sprue. I drilled a hole in the right eye and replaced it with a short piece of styrene rod to act as a cybork eye. More on the head in later pics.

The slugga arm has a custom 'Urty Syringe attached to it. The picture is a little washed out but there are actually some rivets on the bands holding the syringe onto the slugga.



Here is a better shot of the top of the Dok's head. I carved out the top of the helmet to make the exposed brain pan you see on the official model (check the color section of the Codex: Orks for the picture)

I then used some green stuff to make some brains...

...although I'm not so sure an Ork's brain would be that large. They're not the world's greatest thinkers :-)



Here's a shot of the Dok's back. You can see the 'worky bitz' I added to his back. It's the backpack tank from a Burna Boy turned on its side to represent the canister of goo that feeds the 'Urty Syringe.

You can also get a better look at the powerklaw from this angle. I ran some wire to represent power cables running from the backpack assembly, and I also added a small buzzsaw to the klaw, just like the Dok's picture in the Ork Codex.