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Vommit Kommits - finished on 3/1/12

Customer: David Payne

Project Outline: I'll be building a small squadron of my notorious Deff Kopta conversions, to be painted by the customer.


Assembly / Conversion

Here is the squadron, all converted and ready for customer approval.



All the Vommit Kommits are armed with twin-linked Rokkit Launchas...



... and just in case that isn't enough firepower, all the pilots are packing Sluggas as well.



The last of the Vommit Kommits in the squadron.



Here's a shot of thye bottom of the pilot's feet.

The flat bottom of the ork boot may work when glueing them to a base...

... but you need a bit more detail when the soles are visible.

At this point, since the customer wants to paint the models himself, these guys are good to go.