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Kharn the Betrayer - project finished on 5/27/10

Customer: AJ Powell

Project Outline: A custom conversion of everybody's favorite bloodthirsty psychopath.


Assembly / Conversion

The customer wanted a custom version of Kharn the Betrayer.

The original model, while pretty cool, is a bit dated, so I went about converting one from various bits.

I started with the body, legs, and head of a Khorne Berzerker model. I chose this helmet because it is the closest fit to the original, and frankly some of the other berzerker heads are pretty goofy.

The right arm is from the Chaos Marauders box from warhammer fantasy, converted to hold a chainaxe from the Berzerker kit. I also wrapped the fore arm in chain so it would look similar to the original model.



The backpack is from an old, limted edition Chaos Champion model from back in the days of 3rd edition. I've been looking for a good use for it a long time and now I've found one.

I also added a bunch of skull trophies hanging off his back. The skulls are from various sources including the Chaos Marines and Ork Nob sprues.




The plasma pistol is from the Chaos Marines kit and I scrounged the Khorn symbol charm from the Berzerkers kit and added it to the handgrip.

I also added a couple of Skulls to the base.

At this point, Kharn is ready for customer approval, and after some sand on the base... painting.


At the customer's request, I swapped the head for the 'skull face' helmet. Other than that, this guy's ready for gravel on the base, primer, and some paint.

Next up will be some color shots.



And here he is all painted up.

From the front...


... the left side...


... the back...


... and the right side.

Just about ready for clearcoat and some static grass.



And here he is all finished.