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'Get to da Choppa' - project finished on 11/28/12

Customer: William Clark

Project Outline: Gotta love those 'Arnie' quotes. This project will feature some Ork conversion work, including 15 Kommandos and 6 converted Deff Koptas.


Kommando Assembly and Conversion

Here is the entire mob of Kommandos. Some of them, including the Nob, are the standard GW designs (in metal), while the others are custom built using the Ork Boyz kit as well as some Forgeworld bits.

All the models are mounted on Skrap Heap resin bases, available for sale in the Store.


Here are a few of the GW metal models. The Nob is pretty much stock aside from one of my resin Skrap Heap bases.

Any of the regular Kommandos with a bare head got a greenstuff beret, and all models have been converted to be wielding knives. No axes for this bunch.


Here's is the Kommando with a Burna. He was cobbled to gether from several sources. The body and arms were supplied (already partially primed and painted) by the customer. The head is from the Forgeworld Kommando Conversion set.


Here are some of the rank-and-file Kommandos. These guys have been converted from the Boyz Kit, using backpacks from the Forgeworld Set, and berets made from greenstuff.

Any models pointing their Sluggas at the enemy have been converted to hold their wepons in 'gangsta gat' style.


Here are some more Kommandos, a couple of rank-and-file guys, a demolitions expert holding a stikkbomm, and the 'knife dude' holding two blades.

At this point, these guys are ready for primer and paint.

Up next will be paint and then the conversion work on the Deff Koptas.


Kommando Painting

Update 11/7/12

Here is the full mob of Kommandos, painted up in their Goff Clan gang colors.

A close up of the Nob and a few of his Boyz.

The Special Weapons guys (Big Shoota and Burna) as well as a few more Boyz.

Aside from some dullcoat, these guys are ready to roll.

Now for some Deff Koptaz.

Deff Kopta Assembly & Conversion

Update 11/8/12

The Deff Koptas seen here have been converted to have extra rocket boosters on short wing mounts, right under the main engine.


They also have magnetized buzzsaws under the front cowling.

The rocket boosters are the same bits I used to make the thrusters on my Vommit Kommits.

The Buzzsaws are made from the Close Combat Weapons from the Ork Deff Dread kit.

The small cylindrical mount is actually two rare earth magnets...

... as seen here.

I encased the magnets in short rings of styrene tubing to increase their structural integrity. If you just glue a magnet straight to a plastic model, they have a tendency to pop off.

Up next will primer and painting.

Update 11/28/12

I've finished up the painting on the Deff Kopta Skwadrons.

Here's the first three...

... and here's the next three.

I've left the flying stands and rotors unglued for shipping purposes. This way they won't break during transport, and the customer can swap the rotors as he sees fit.

Here are all the models lined up for a glamor shot.

Aside from some dullcoat and a bit of static grass on a few bases, these guys are good to go.

One final shot of the Kommandos, with static grass on their bases.

This one is bagged, tagged, and ready to ship.