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Deff Skull Megaboss - project finished on 9/02/09

Customer:Tom Buck

Project Outline: A Mega-Armored Warboss themed to the Deff Skull clan - using the Ghazghkull model as a base.


Concept, Construction and Conversion

The first step in creating a Mega-Armored Warboss is to get the size right. Warbosses are BIG, even more so when they're clad in mega-armor.

I used the Ghazghkull model as a base to build on because he's the biggest ork model around short of a dreadnaught (hmmmm, something for a furture project methinks)

At any rate, if I used too much of Ghazghkull in the model... well, he'd just look like Ghazzy with a different paint scheme, so I decided to use just the body, iron gob and gun arm.

The head is from the plastic Warboss in the Assault on Black Reach set and the banner is from a Fantasy Orc Standard Bearer. The Skull glyph on the top of the banner is cannibalized from the Ork Battlewagon kit.

I also bulked up the shoulders a bit with plasticard to help disguise the model even more

Since Deff Skullz are reknowned lootas, I gave the Megaboss a powerklaw looted from a marine dreadnaught, with some added wire and modelling chain to give it some extra detail.

The banner pole is removable for transport purposes. It has a brass rod core running the length of the banner and down into the top of the model. Don't worry about this one snapping off :-)


The Dakka arm has some goodies added to it to increase the "shootyness" of the Warboss. AN extra shoota on the top, a looted lascannon barrel sticking out from the front and an underslung rokkit launcha should give the enemy some idea that this dude means business.



The Dakka Arm needed a couple more gunz so I added a flamer to the inside and a small rokkit on the outside.

The shoulder area was also looking a bit bare, so I added some bolts to the front, and some spikes and a skull to the top.

There's also a small rivetted armor plate in the center, right above the boss's head.

The customer wants to paint this guy himself, so it's time to box him up.