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Custom Deff Dread - finished on 1/19/12

Customer: Justin Cavanagh

Project Outline: I'll be painting and basing a custom Ork Deff Dread that was built by the customer.


Concept Shot

here is a picture of the Deff Dread that was sent to me by the customer.

I'll take some more when the model arrives and I get to work on the base.



Assembly / Basing

The customer wanted the Deff Dread mounted on a scenic base, so I built one from slate, gravel, and some Space Marine bits.



Here he is from the back. I really like the 'stompy' stance that this thing has going on. It's very reminiscent of some of the classic 'over the top' drawings of Ork Dreadnoughts from back in the day.

Up next, primer and painting.




Here he is all painted up and ready for customer review. I went with an old school color scheme with this guy. The dingy metal, red armor, checker pattern... even the glowing green eye... are all throwbacks to the Ork Walkers of 2nd edition 40k.



Here's a shot from the back. I just love the stance on this model. It's got that same unsteady waddle of a toddler with a load in his shorts :)

At this point, all he needs is some clearcoat and static grass and he's good to go.