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Wazdakka Gutsmek... sort of - finished on 12/15/12

Customer: Cameron Morse

Project Outline: A custom 'counts as' Wazdakka model, using the Forgeworld Biker Boss as a base model to work from, and a 'sidecar' to carry his monstrous gun, which will incorporate bits from a Thunderfire Cannon.


Assembly / Conversion

Here is the Forgeworld Biker Boss, built pretty much stock aside from the addition of a topknot on the Boss' head.


I'll be adding the side car to the right side of the bike, that way he'll have plenty of room to swing that nasty buzzsaw attached to his left arm.



The attachment points for the sidecar will be the tricky part. On a normal bike a sidecar is attached to the frame without much trouble.

In the case of this beast, the support struts will have to avoid the tracks on the rear of the bike.

One of the support rods will definitely be right below the jet engine, since that's the strongest point on the bike.


Here you can see the sidecar in place. I'm using the gun bit from a Thunderfire Cannon, as well as a wheel and exhaust pipes taken from the Ork Warbike kit.

The sidecar is balanced on two support struts made from 1/16" brass rod. I used brass instead of plastic to support the gun since it's made of metal.

The attachment points are right below the jet engine housing and right next to the right foot peg on the bike.

As you can see, the big nasty gun doesn't interfere with the Boss' ability to swing his buzzsaw at all.


At this point, the basic structural work is complete. I've still got some more detailing to do (the sidecar needs some hoses and rivets), and I also have to build a custome base for this guy. The normal one that comes with the kit just won't fit. :)

The detailing is pretty much complete at this stage.

I added a bosspole to the back of the bike, complete with Fixit, Wazdakka's grot assistant from back in the day (Not sure why they got rid of him in the current codex.)

I also added some more details to the sidecar. Mostly rivets on the various armor plates, and a kinked fuel hose running from the external gas tank.

The base is custom cut from two sheets of plasticard, glued together for thickness and strength, and then bevelled and textured.

Also, I wasn't a huge fan of the beady eye on the stock model (see pictures above), so I decided to cover it up with an eyepatch rivetted into the Boss' skull.

At this point, this guy is about ready for primer and paint.


Update 12/14/12

And here we have the model all painted up in his gang colors.

I particularly like the flame job around the jet intake

I still need to get the edge of the base with a ring of black to clean up the look.

I went for a dingy, oily metal, but not overly rusty

At this point, all the model needs is the aforememtioned base-edge clean up, some dullcoat, and a bit of static grass.

Completed Model

Update 12/15/12

Dullcoat and static grass applied.

He's good to go.

He's a little tidbit I didn't take a picture of earlier.

The gas tank the Boss is stradling has some "instructions" printed on it. You know, just in case he forgets :)