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Raven Guard II - finished on 12/11/14

Customer: Cameron Morse

Project Outline: Assault Marines, Tactical Marines, Terminators, a Techmarine, some Sternguard and the special character Captain Korvydae from Forgeworld... all painted up in the livery of the Raven Guard.


Assembly / Priming

Here is the Tactical Squad, armed with Multi-melta, Flamer, and a Sarge with a Lightning Claw.

I've used the brass etched symbols from Forgeworld to add some character to the Sarge's backpack


Here is the Assault Squad, all built and ready for primer. The squad has 2 guys armed with Flamers and the Sarge is armed with a Combat Shield.

I used the shield from tha Command Squad box since it has an attached Bolt Pistol. I also scraped off the stock symbol and used another Forgeworld brass etched peice.



And here are the Terminators. The Sarge on the left is converted to have a Power Maul. Not stirctly available via the current ruleset, but he looks cool.

I've left the shoulder pads off these guys for priming since the pads will be primed white while the rest of the model is primed black.

Up next will be some Sternguard, as well as a couple of characters.



Update 10/31/14

Here is the Techmarine and his Servitor Bodyguard. The Techmarine and the two finecast close combat Servitors are stock from the boxed set. The metal Servitor in the back is an older model and actually one of my favorites that I'm using to bulk up the squad size.

The two gun servitors are conversions.



Here is a closer look at the gun Servitors. The bodies are stock from the boxed set, but the Plasma Cannons are taken from the Imperial Guard Leman Russ sponsons. I've added a few details using plasticard, greenstuff and guiter string cables, and the brass etched Raven Wing symbols from Forgeworld.



The Sternguard are modelled from the older Heresy style armor kits from Forgeworld and weapons from a variety of sources. The combi-melta and combi-plasma weapons on the left are from the Sternguard upgrade sprue, the combi-grav in the middle is from the GW Sternguard kit, the bolter in the back on the right is from the Heresy armor set from Forgworld, and the bolter on the far right is converted from a stock GW bolter and a custom box magazine of my own design.


Last up before painting is Captain Korvydae from Forgeworld. The customer wanted a classic "beakie" helmet for this guy instead of the stock haed, so I used the "crown of laurels" beakie head from the GW Sternguard kit.

Up next... primer and painting.




Update 11/7/14

I've got the Assault Squad all painted up in their gang colors. The Raven Guard iconography on the shoulders is a bit shiny at the moment, a side effect of gloss varnish to get the Forgeworld waterslide transfers to lay down smoothly. That will tone down when I apply the dullcoat.



Here's a close up of the Sarge, with his combat shield and chainsword. I opted for the cybnernetic hand sword to make the Veteran Sergeant look the part :)

I think I need to add a bit of a highlight to the "Raven" banner on the shield as well as the skull on the base to make them pop a bit more.

Up next will be the Tactical Squad.


Update 11/19/14

Here is the Tactical Squad all painted up and ready for dullcoat. As with the Assault Squad above, the Raven Guard iconography on the shoulders is shiny because of the gloss varnish.

Up next are going to be the Sternguard and the Terminators.



Update 12/4/14

At the customer's request, I have replaced the helmets on both of the Sergeants. He made a great point that, since these guys are Raven Guard... a couple of "beakie" helmets should probably be in there.

Hehe, well duh!!! :)

That's why it's always good to have a second pair of eyes on a project. Sometimes you miss things that should be plainly obvious.

Good catch, Cameron. Thanks.

Up next are the Terminators. They're painted up in the same scheme as those from a previous commission. I've added some of the Forgeworld waterslide transfers to thses guys. The on on the Sarge's kneepad was especially 'fiddly'.

And here are the Sternguard, painted up with white arms to denote their veteran status.

Up next will be the Techmarine and his Servitor bodyguard, and then...

... Captain Korvydae. Can't wait to paint that dude :)


Update 12/11/14

At the customer's request, I changed the color on the plasmagun for the Sternguard from purple to red, to match the plasma weapons on models he has already painted.

Up next is the Techmarine. These things are highly detailed and can be fiddly to paint.

Having said that, I sure like the look of them when they're done.

Here he is from the back.

No Techmarine worth his salt would go into battle without a bodyguard of Servitors to accompany him. Here are the Combat Servitors...

... and the Gun Servitors, armed with Plasma Cannons...

... and the group shot.

Last but not least, we have Shadow Capatin Korvydae from Forgeworld, converted to have a "beakie" helmet.

I like this guy so much, I took quite a few shots of him :)

Here's another...

... and another...

... and finally one last shot.

Aside from some dullcoat and static grass. These models are good to go.

Completed Models

Dullcoat and static grass applied.

Bag 'em and tag 'em, they're going in the mail.