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Raven Guard I - project finished on 11/10/13

Customer: Cameron Morse

Project Outline: 3 Drop Pods and an Ironclad Dreadnought from Forgeworld, as well as some Terminators and a Landraider, all painted up in the chapter colors of the Raven Guard.


Assembly / Priming

For most vehicle models, you can pretty much assemble the whole thing and then lay down the primer coat. With Drop Pods... not so much.

The model is pretty fiddly, with lots of nooks and crannies that can be tough to get a brush into. Also, when doing a striking white-on-black paintjob like the Raven Guard. You have to prime the model in two different colors to get an even tone for the white parts.


I built the pods as a series of sub-assemblies, sprayed white primer on the fins and doors. Once the white prmer was dry, I masked off the areas that would remain white with masking tape and primed the rest black.

This process of painting while assembling can be a bit more time consuming and labor intensive, but in the long run, it creates better results when dealing with fiddly models.



Drop Pod Painting

Update 10/28/13

Here are the 3 Drop Pods, all painted up and ready to roll.

I've weathered the bottoms of the pods a bit, since they're supposed to have just gone through re-entry.


Here's the Dreadnought Pod, without the harnesses, with the hatches blown open...



... and one of the Infantry Pods, with hatches blown and a Deathwind Launcher.

Drop Pods are definitely one on the more 'fiddly' models in the Games Workshop line. They take nearly as much time to paint as a Land Raider.

Up next will probably be the Forgeworld Ironclad




Refurbishing the Landraider & Terminators

Update 10/31/13

In addition to the new models, the customer also sent me a couple of eBay purchases to be refurbished.

The first is a Landraider, that needs a bit of work.


As you can tell the top cupola has the Storm Bolter broken off, and the paintjob is primarily drybrushing.

I'll be replacing the top turrets and then repainting the model in a scheme that matches the Drop Pods


Here's modification work complete on the top of the Landraider. The forward cupola is stcok GW from the vehicle accessories sprue.

The Multi-Melta turret is from Forgeworld, and require a bit of dremel work on the top of the tank to get it to fit. The sensor pod opposite the weapon is from my bits box since the original was used in another project.


Here are the Terminators, which were converted using models from the Assault on Black Reach set. The customer isn't fond of the Thunder Hammers, so I'll be replacing those, and the Storm Shields will be replaced with Eagle Storm Shields from Chapter House Studios.


Last up is not a model to be refurbished, but rather an Ironclad Dreadnought from Forgeworld.

I'm loving this thing, so I'll probably paint it first :)



Update 11/5/13

Forgeworld models may be fiddly to assemble, but they sure do paint up nicely.

All the little details on these things are really a blast to paint.

Here's a shot from the front...


... the right side...


... the left side...

... and the rear.

I thought the hunter-killer missiles were such a cool design, I just had to paint little caution signs on them.

Up next is the Landraider.


Update 11/6/13

And here's the Landraider, all painted up and ready to roll.


A shot from the left front...


... the left rear...


... and the right rear.

At this point, I might add a few more markings to the vehicle, depending on what the customer wants


Here's a little before and after animation showing the changes to both the basic structure of the multi melta turret and the paint job of the entire tank.

Terminators are next on the block.


Update 11/8/13

The Terminators are all ready to roll. The Storm Shields have been replaced with the 'feathered' shields from Chapter House Studios. They really fit in with the 'raven' theme of the models.


A clode-up of the two Lightning Claw guys...


... and a close-up of the Sarge and the other two Thunder Hammer Termis. I'm really liking the "Come at me, Bro!" stance of the Sarge and the guy on the left.

All that's left to do now is dullcoat all the models, apply some static grass to the Termis and the Dread, and take a final glamor shot of all the models.


Completed Models

Update 11/11/13

One final 'glamor shot' of all the Raven Guard models before I pack 'em up and ship 'em out.

At the customer's request, I changed the helmet of the Terminators, except the Sergeant, from white to black. The I applied dullcoat to protect the paint and some static grass to liven up the bases a bit.

Bag it and tag it! These guys are ready to go.