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Ork Warbikes - finished on 6/5/13

Customer: Cameron Morse

Project Outline: 6 Nob Bikers from Forgeworld and 12 Ork Warbikers, painted up as an entourage for the Wazdakka commission I finished back in 2012.


Assembly / Conversion

Up first are the Forgeworld Nob Bikers. I customized these guys using a variety of bits to personalize them a bit and make them stand out.

The rider in the rear right was built using the stock GW handlebars and skull fairing. I'm saving the Forgeworld bars to customize the Nob for the regular Warbike mob.


My favorite of the Nob Bikers are the trikes. These things remind me of a gigantic Big Wheel...

... driven by a psychopath with a massive chainsaw axe!

I had to kitbash a custom base for this thing using the standard biker base and a 40mm round base just to get it to fit.



The Painboy is rocking a custom 'Urty Syringe as well as a metal head with a surgical mask made from greenstuff.


The other trike is the guy carrying the Waaagh! banner.

He's also carrying a 'Uge Choppa, perfect for caving in skulls.

Up next I'll be assembling the mob of regular Warbikers


Update 4/18/13

I've made a few modifications to the Painboy, giving him a grot ordely and making his 'Urty Syringe look a bit more like the Narthecium carried by a Space Marine Apothecary.


I also added a spotlight to the Dok's shoulder pad, so he can work in the dark if he has to... or at least he could if the bulb weren't broken.

The grot orderly hanging off the back of the back is wearing a surgical mask, and is carrying a bit of 'anesthetic' for any boyz who squirm too much while the Dok is trying to work on 'em.


Here is a regular Warbiker Mob. The Nob in the front center uses the handlebars from the Forgworld kit to set him apart from the rest of his boys.

Word to the wise: if you plan on building a mob of these things for yourself, make sure you have plenty of time and some super glue solvent handy. The models are fiddly as hell, and I must've glued my fingers together at least 3 or 4 times.

Assembly / Conversion

Update 5/13/13

Here's is half of the mob of normal bikers, including the Nob, as painted up in their gang colors.

I'm having some issues with my camera, so the image quality isn't exactly great. It's almost like the camera is set for shooting video and interlacing the frame like you would produce for TV.

Here's a close up of some of the detail work on the bikers. They all all have little embellishments, like the chekered stripe seen here on this biker's helmet ...


... or the skull glyph on this guy's shoulderpad.

The interlacing is really noticeable in these close up shots. It's weird, and I'm not quite sure what's going on.

Might be time to look into getting a new camera.

The other half of the Biker Mob will be coming soon, and after that, the Nobs.



Update 5/22/13

I tried to find out what was wrong with my camera... to make a long story short, it was easier and cheaper just to replace it.

Here's a shot of the entire Biker mob uisng the new camera.

A close up of one of the Bikers...


... and another...



... a shot of the Nob....

... and one last Biker armed with a chain.

Up next will be the Nobs.


Update 6/4/13

Here are the Nobs, all ready to roll.

The Nob with the Bosspole...


... the guy with the Waaagh! Banner...


... and the Painboy.

Bag 'em and tag 'em, these guys are done.


Update 6/5/13

Oops. Not quite finished. The customer and I agreed that the Painboy was looking a little clean...

... so we added some blood splatters to his 'serjikal' equipment. After the dullcoat goes on, I'll be applying some red ink over the blood splatters to make 'em look all 'juicy'.

Now they're done.