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Ork Meganobz - finished on 10/6/12

Customer: Cameron Morse

Project Outline: 10 Meganobz, painted up as a bodyguard for Rustbusta Da Megaboss.


Assembly / Conversion

These are the Meganobz after assembly/conversion.

These guys all came from eBay and the painting and assembly were 'questionable' to say the least. Being made of metal, the arms will pop off with little or no effort.

3 of the models had workable primer coats, but the rest of the models required a bath in Simple Green to strip the paint. I then went about pinning all the arm joints so they won't come apart.

The lead Meganob is converted using Ghazghkull's gun arm, a bosspole, anda buzzsaw from a Killa Kan. He can double as a 'leader type' if need be.


For added stability, I added a bunch of extra armor plating to the shoulders. Some of the plates were from various Ork sprues, including some old school metal plates, but the majority were scratchbuilt using plasticard.

After rebasing all the models to get a consistent theme, these guys are ready for primer and painting.



The thing with buying stuff off eBay, though you can score some good deals, is that occaisionally the models will have bits missing.

After spraying primer on these guys, I realized I forgot to add iron gobs to three of the models. Sinmce the originals were missing, and GW no longer offers bits orders for these pieces, I had to take matters into my owns hands...

... by breaking out the plasticard. I decided to add a few spikes to the leader's gob, just to make him that much more dangerous.



Here they are after painting.

I just love seeing a huge mob of Ork Meganobz. The amount of blood and gristle these guys leave in their wake is unreal.

They're pretty expensive when you run them in a mob this big... but the look on your opponent's face is priceless when he stutters, "Wait a minute... How many Powerklaw attacks did you say that was?"


Here's a closeup of the 'leader' Nob and a couple of the other models.

These guys are always in the thick of the fighting (at least, that's where they should be), so I painting a lot of scuffs, dings and battle damage on their armor.


Here area few more.

The entire mob has little freehand painted glyphs and skulls and such, painted in various places on their armor.

Pending customer approval, dullcoat, and a bit of static grass, these guys are ready to roll.