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'Rustbusta' the Megaboss - finished on 9/10/12

Customer: Cameron Morse

Project Outline: A big nasty Warboss conversion, using Ghazghkull Thraka as the base. This has to be at least a half-dozen times I've used Ghazzy for a project like this.


Assembly / Conversion

Here is a W.I.P. shot of the model during the conversion process. I still need to add the stikkbomb launchers, and bulk up the shoulder plating a bit.

Now is also when I get some input from the customer, to make sure the conversion fits theiur vision of what the model should be.


Here is a close up of the barrel extensions on the gun arm. The problem with using white styrene tubing is that it washes out pretty bad when photographed.



Here is the klaw arm. The customer wanted the klaw to be 'extra rippy', so I replaced the 'finger blades' with chainsaws.

Pretty nasty lookin'

More detail work done at this point. The 'thumb' on the powerklaw has been replaced with a circular saw blade, a Chaos helmet has been added to the Bosspole, extra plating on the shoulders, and you can just make out the exhaust pipes from the 'bigga engine' on the back.

I've also given him a 'chain' necklace as well. I'm thinking when it comes time for paint that I may have to go for gold on the chain... give him some 'bling' like an 80's rapper :)


Here's a shot from the back of the model, showing the upgraded engine with dual exhaust pipes, as well as the underslung shoota on the gun arm.



Here is Rustbusta all painted and ready to start ruinin' foolz on the tabletop.


Here he is from the back.

Just awaiting final approval from the customer, then I'll get some dullcoat laquer on this guy, maybe a small tuft or two of static grass, and he's ready to roll.


Completed Model

Bag him and tag him. :)