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Custom Space Marines - finished on 7/24/14

Customer: Cameron Morse

Project Outline: A squad of Marines, a squad of bikes, a character or two, and a couple of vehicles, all painted up in the colors of the Lions Adamant, a custom Space Marine chapter created by the customer.


Assembly / Conversion

Here are the first two vehicles, a Predator and a Vindicator. The Vindicator is pretty much stock, but the Predator has magnetized sponson weapons.

Since the Lions Adamant chapter is going to use the Ultramarines chapter tactics, I've included Sgt. Chronus in here as well, both mounted and on foot.

All the Marines you see are rocking lion shoulderpads from Scibor Miniatures.

Here is the Tactical Marine squad, armed with as much plasma weaponry as you can squeeze into it.

With a Plasma Cannon, a Plasmagun, and a Combi-Plasma on the sarge, these guys can really lay down the pain.

These guys are sporting the same shoulderpads as the vehicle crew above.



Since these guys are counts as Ultramarines, the customer wanted a themed Librarian model to counts as Tigurius.

Using the plastic Librarian as a base, I replaced the psychic hood with a custom one to allow a helmetted head to fit inside.

I also swapped out the backpack for something that would accept a back banner.



Just like the other power armor guys in this army, this dude is sporting the lion shoulderpad.



Here he is from the back. The backpack is one from the Dark Angels with a little shrine thingy on the back.

Coming soon will be a squad of Forgeworld Outrider Bikes. They're currently taking their second bath in Simple Green to get rid of some stubborn mold release.




Update 3/17/14

Here are the Forgeworld bikes, all assembled and ready for primer. The Sarge in the front center is armed with a Combi-grav, and the riders on either side of him are armed with Gravguns. I also added a small 'hood ornament', as well as some purity seals and a chainsword (not shown) to differentiate him form his fellow bikers

As you can see from the circled area, the forearm construction on the resin riders is different from the standard plastic Space Marine models.

Using greenstuff, I have modified to forearms of the special weapon riders and the Sarge to fit the same style.

All riders also sport the lion shoulder pads as seen on the Tactical Squad above.

One more Forgeworld before I break out with the spray primer. This is the Scorpius Whirlwind.

It's a really cool looking model, but as with many Forgeworld kits, the large flat panels were pretty warped and required re-shaping using warm water.

Here's the Scorpius from another angle. Instead of the Lions Adamant color scheme, this model will be painted up as Raven Guard, complete with the Forgworld brass etched iconography.

The stock kit doesn't have the headlights fitted to the hull. I created a couple of small plastic armor panels to hold the lights, since I think the design is a bit plain without them.

One final shot from the rear, showing the brass Raven Guard plate on the back door.

Time for some primer.


Update 4/10/14

Here is a paint test of the color scheme for the Lions Adamant.

Once the customer and I get the details ironed out and any changes are made, I'll post a full tutorial on the colors and methods used.

Update 4/15/14

At the customer's request, I've lightened the grey on some of the armor panels and added the squad number to the kneepad.

While work continues on the Tactical Squad, I've included a painting Tutorial on the colors and techniques used to create this paint scheme.

Painting Tutorial

Update 4/29/14

Step 1: Basecoat

Over a black primer coat, lay down a basecoat of primary colors. The colors are GW standard paints.

The light grey areas (arms, upper legs, torso, helmet, parts of backpack) are Administratum Grey.

The dark grey areas ( lower legs, shoulder and elbow pads, parts of backpack) are a 50/50 mix of Abaddon Black and Mechanicum Standard Grey.

Areas that will be gold, skulls, parchment and leather get a coat of Mournfang Brown, grenades are Deathworld Forest, eyes are Golden Yellow, and the wax part of the purity seal is Mephiston Red.

You don't have to be super neat in this stage, since any mistakes will get cleaned up in steps 3 and 4.

Step 2: Metallics

The gold trim on the shoulder pads and the bolter (which were bascoated brown in the previous step) are now given a coat of Gehenna's Gold. The brown undercoat helps the color to stand out a bit more than if it were painted over a black undercoat.

The silver areas (armor joints, hoses, bolter, etc.) get a coat of Leadbelcher.

Step 3: Shading

At this point, apply a black wash to the mettalic areas and any other areas where you would like shadows. Pay particular attention to detail areas like the panelling on the upper legs, the lion crest on the shoulder pad, and armor joints.

You can use GW's black wash (Nuln Oil, I think) or make your own with black paint and matte medium from an art supply store. Making your own is generally cheaper and will acheive very similar results.

Step 4: Re-Apply Basecoat

Any areas that need to be cleaned up from either steps 1 or 3 are now handled with another application of the base color.

The leather belt pouches now get a coat of GW snakebite Leather. The skulls and parchment get a mid-tone coat of GW Bubonic Brown.

Step 5: Highlighting

The light grey areas now get an edge highlight of GW Ulthuan Grey.

The dark grey areas and the black bolter casing now get an edge highlight of GW Mechanicum Standard Grey.

The gold areas are highlighted with Burnished Gold, the silver areas with Runefang Steel, and the skulls and parchment with Ushabti Bone.

Step 5: Details

Now comes all the 'fiddly stuff that doesn't fit neatly into the other steps.

The magazine release button on the bolter is Mephiston Red and the script on the purity seal is Abaddon Black.

I also painted the tactical symbol on the right shoulder and the squad number on the right knee in Skull white.

For the base, a laid down a basecoat of Mournfang Brown followed by drybrushes of Bubonic Brown and Ushabti Bone. The rim of the base is Mournfang Brown.

At this point the model is ready for dullcoat, and then any static grass can be applied as desired.

Painted Models

Update 5/9/14

Here is the Tactical Squad, all painted up and ready for the tabletop.

The purple effect on the plasma weapons is a basecoat of GW Liche Purple, highlighted with successively lighter shades of a Liche Purple/Skull White mix.

Up next will be some tanks.

Update 6/19/14

Been a little while since the last update.

Here's the Vindicator, all painted up and ready for dullcoat. The lion insignia on the siege shield and right door are freehand.

Here's a shot from the other side.

The Predator is up next.

Update 6/24/14

The customer wanted a bit more weathering on the tank as opposed to the "fresh from the factory" look.

A shot from the other side.

Here's the Predator, also with a bit of weathering along the lower edges

And from the other side.

The Lions Adamant models thus far.

Next up are the bikes and the characters.

Update 7/11/14

Here are the Forgeworld Outrider bikers, armed with Grav weapons.

The Sarge with his combi-grav. I gave this guy the classic red helmet with white stripe to denote veteran status, as well as a 'hood ornament' and purity seal on the bike itself.

A few of the regualr bikers.

Detail shot showing the instrument panel and freehand Fast Attack symbol on the shoulder pad.

Update 7/16/14

Here is Sgt. Chronus, in the cupola of a Predator Battle Tank...

... and on foot.

Here is the Lions Adamant Librarian, counting as Tigurius. The freehand banner is based on that carried by a Epistolary-class Librarian, with a samll version of the Lions Adamant chapter symbol in the upper left corner of the book.

Here he is from the back, showing the Epistolary iconography on the lower hem of his tabard.

Up next will be Scorpius Whirlwind, painted in Raven Guard colors.

Update 7/23/14

At the customer's request, I've toned down the yellow on the Librarians banner.

I've also finished up the Forgeworld Scorpius Whirlwind, in Raven Guard colors.

A shot from the other side...

... and from the rear, showing off the brass etched panel on the rear door.

At this points, the Marines are pretty much complete other than some dullcoat and static grass.

Completed Models

Update 7/24/14

One final glamor shot of all the Lions Adamant models, with dullcoat and static grass applied.

They're ready to roll.

I also reapired and touched up a few Tankbustaz for the customer's Ork army as well.