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Grot Artillery - finished on 9/17/13

Customer: Cameron Morse

Project Outline: 6 custom-built, self-propelled Ork artillery gun platforms, with swappable weapons and accompanying grot crew.


Assembly / Conversion

Using plasticard and the tracks from the Robogear Varan kit, I constructed the basic chassis for the gun platform.

The lobba shown in the picture is magnetized. I will be building Kannon and Zzap Gun options as well.

Eventually, all 6 gun platforms will each have 3 magnetized weapons to choose from.



There is still plenty of detail work to be done on this prototype.

Once I get the design finished and approved by the customer, I'll be building 5 more as well as the grot crews.


Update 7/16/13

Here's the weapon platform with the detail work all done and the Lobba in place.

I've added fenders over the tracks, extra armor plates in a few spots, and bulked up the weapon mount itself a bit.


Here's a shot from the rear showing the detail work on the gun.


A shot with the Kannon in place...


... and from the rear.


And finally, a shot with the Zzap Gun...


... and from the rear.


All the parts are seperate at the moment for ease of painting.

Once painting is complete, the only seperate pieces will be the various weapons, all easily swapped using magnets.

Now I just need to build 5 more and work on the grot crews.

Whew! Got my work cut out for me :)


Update 7/25/13

I've finished converting the tracked chassis for all six gun platforms...


... as well as all six Zzap Gunz.

The curly wires as seen on the Zzap Gunz in the above pictures have been removed until I prime the models.


Update 8/7/13

I've finished converting all the Kannons and Lobbas...


... as well as the gun mounts on the platforms themselves.

Here's a shot of all the completed models...


... as well as the grot crews.


Here's a close-up of the Slavers and a few of the grot crew. Most of the grots are stock from the Grot Kit, but I've converted a couple of them to have a hammer and a wrench.

I've also used a couple of grot crew from the Stompa Kit to make a guy with a drill and a guy with a radio.

I also used some different bits for one of the Slavers to make him look like he's shouting orders at the grots.


Here are the ammo runts, created from a variety iof different bits.

At this point, it's time for primer.



Update 8/15/13

Here are the gun platforms with the metallics done and the colored armor panels blocked in.

There is still plenty of shading, highlighting, and other detail work to be done, but this is the direction I'm headed with the paint scheme.


Update 8/22/13

I muted the 'explosion-in-a-paint-factory' effect on the models a bit at the customer's request. Now the hulls of the gun platforms are primarily black, and the red and yellow armor panels are now more of an accent.

I've also finshed all the shdaing, highlighting, detail work and battle damage.


Here's a close up of one of the gun platforms with a Lobba fitted in the gun mount.


Another platform, this one with a Zzap Gun.


And a shot from the rear, this time with a Kannon.

At this point, the gun platforms are finished.

Now I've got 30 grots and a couple of Runtherds to paint. I'll be doing the grots in batches of 10 to keep my sanity.

I painted 30 Orks at one time before and it almost put me in a straight jacket. Never. Again.


Update 9/3/13

Here is the first batch of 10 Grots.

20 more and a couple of Slavers to go...


Update 9/13/13

The secfond round grots, as well as the two Slavers.



Close-up of a couple of the grots, and an ammo runt...


... as well as the two Slavers.

10 more of the little blighters to go.


Completed Models

Update 9/17/13

I've finished the last round of Grots, so now the two Artillery Batteries are complete.

Here's a shot of the first battery with all of the crew, shown with Zzap Guns...



... and the second battery, shown with Lobbas, and the crew in the foreground.

Aside from dullcoat, there's guys are ready to roll.