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Blood Ravens II - finished on 1/24/13

Customer: Matthew Knight

Project Outline: 20 Tactical Marines, 5 Tartaros Pattern Terminators from Forgeworld and a Drop Pod painted up in Blood Ravens colors to match these guys I did back in 2011. They don't make any waterslide decals for the Blood Ravens iconography, so there's going to be quite a bit of freehand work in this one!


Assembly and Re-Basing

Here is the whole stack of models I'll painting up.



The MVP's of this project are the Tartaros Pattern Terminators rom Forgeworld. These guys are slighly smaller in stature than the plastic GW Terminators, but I love the detil on them. I can't wait to paint these guys.




Update 12/20/12

The first Tactical Squad, all painted up.

I'm just waiting for customer confirmation at this point as to whether the right shoulder pads should have the standard tactical arrow markings, or some other unit insignia.



A close up of the sergeant and a standard marine. all the iconography is freehand.



Update 1/10/13

I've got the squad markings and battle damage all worked out on the first Tactical Squad.

Aside from dullcoat and static grass, these guys are pretty much done.



Here's the Drop Pod, all painted up and ready to go.

I went for a battered look with chipped paint and scorch marks. This thing did fall through the atmosphere after all.


Here's the Pod with the doors open.

The Terminators are up next.


Update 1/17/13

The Terminators are all ready to roll, complete with freehand chapter symbols



Side shot showing the chapter iconography.

Another 10 Tactical Marines, and it will be time for dullcoat and static grass.


Update 1/23/13

The last Tactical Squad, all painted up with freehand chapter symbols.



A selection of Marines from the squad.


A group shot of all the models.

Once I get the dullcoat and static grass applied, it will be time for some glamor shots, and then they'll be packed up and ready to roll.



Completed Models

Update 1/24/13

Here they all are, complete with dullcoat and static, posing for their glamor shot.

Bag 'em and tag 'em, these guys are done.