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Blood Axe Warboss - project finished on 7/4/12

Customer: Aaron Cattle

Project Outline: Conversion of a custom warboss from the Blood Axe clan. I'll be using this guy as a base model for the conversion, as well as some parts from the Assault on Black Reach Warboss, and some greenstuff.

Assembly / Conversion

Since I'm not a fan of 'Finecast' models, the customer provided a metal Warboss to use as a base for the conversion.

I added the shoota/scorcha gun arm and the powerklaw arm from the Assault on Black Reach Warboss. I pinned the arms for stability and strength and then filled in the gaps with greenstuff.

I also replaced the power cables leading to the Klaw with something sturdier than the flimsy plastic cables that came on the stock model.



To get the arm to look right, I sculpted the deltoid muscles in the shoulder to make the joint look more natural.

Once the green stuff cures, I'll be sculpting some epaulettes which will cover most of the shoulder joint.

I'll also be sculpting some medals on the chest, probably on the shoulder plates, since that's a fairly flat surface.



No Blood Axe Warboss would be complete without a suitable hat. For this guy, I went with a peaked officers cap sculpted from greenstuff.

The small skull glyph was shaved off the front of a helmet on the Ork Boy sprue, using a very sharp knife, and glued in place on the hat band.

I'm debating whether or not to put a cigar in this guy's mouth as well :)

Update 6/21/12

At this point, the conversion process on the Boss is pretty much complete. I modified the bosspole to include the Blood Axe glyph, added epaulettes to the shoulders, medals to the torso, and I even gave the Boss a cigar.

The banner bearer on the other hand still needs some work. I chopped off his helmet, since it was too representative of the 'Goff' clan, and gave him a cap that looks much more 'military', like something a Blood Axe would wear. I still need to cook up a suitable 'trophy pole' for this guy to carry.



Here's a closer shot of the epaulette and the back of the bosspole. In addition to the shotta/skorcha combi weapon he's carrying in his hand, this guy has two more shootas strapped across his back.

You can never have too many guns :)

Update 6/26/12

Here is the Boss with the assembly / conversion stage complete.

He's got his trusty attack squig, a combi-skorcha, powerklaw, bosspole, and cybork bitz (namely his powerklaw and his left leg below the knee).

Here is from the side, showing of his grot banner bearer, who wisely hides behind 'Da Boss'.

The Waaagh! banner being held by the grot is the banner top from the now out-of-print metal Nobs Boxed Set, combined with some brass rod and small gauge jewelry chain. I had to drill down through the hands of the grot, and then sink the base of the pole into the base for stability.


Here he is from the back...



... and the other side.

At this point, Da Boss is ready for primer and paint.



Here's the Boss, all painted up in his Blood Axe gang colors.

I went for a desert themed base on this guy, and his Blood Axe 'affectations', like the peaked officers cap, are painted up to make him look like an Ork version of an Imperial Guard Commissar.


Here he is from the side, showing some more of the 'military' side of things, as well as some other detail work.

I painted "Burny Deff' on the fuel canister for his combi-skorcha, and the grot 'banna wava' has his private's stripes sewn on to his hat... upside down of course, since the Blood Axes do their best to imitate the 'umie miltary, but tend to fall a bit short :)


here he is from the back...


... and the other side.

At this point, aside from some dullcoat and some possible static grass on the base, this guy is ready for the mail.

Completed Model

And here he is, all dullcoated with a bit of static grass on the base.

Bag it an' tag it, boyz!

This guy is ready to ship.