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Big Mek with Kustom Force Field - project finished on 9/02/09

Customer: Eric Hubbard

Project Outline: A Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field. One arm will be magnetized so he can be armed with either a Powerklaw, a Choppa, or a Burna.


Concept, Construction and Conversion

I used a Nob from the Assault on Black Reach set as the base for the Mek.

I added the Waaagh banner arm from an old metal Nob, and attached a Tau drone to the top as a field emitter for the Kustom Force Field.

The head is a Nob head with a cybork eye, also from the AoBR set.

The arms are all magnetized for easy swapping. The Mek can be armed however you like; choppa, powerklaw, or burna.



Here is the Mek from the back, showing the Kustom Force Field generator on his back. There are a couple of powercables running from the generator to the emitter.



Here is the Big Mek armed with a burna...



... a powerklaw...



... and a choppa.

Since the customer wants to paint this bad boy himself to match his army, the Big Mek is pretty much done at this point.