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Ork Command - finished on 9/6/14

Customer: William Clark

Project Outline: I'll be building a custom Ork Warboss and his Nob bodyguard. Many of these will be the old school metal models.



The customer wanted this Ork Command Mob to be inspired by the cover of the 2nd edition Ork Codex.

Everything in this picture just screams 'retro' Orks. The central Warboss is actually Ghazghkull Thraka... before he took the bolter shell to the noggin that turned him into the Prophet of Da Waaagh!

I'll be trying my best to incorporate as many things as I can from this image into the models I'll be building.


Assembly and Conversion

First up is the Warboss himself, based on an Assault on Black Reach Warboss. The boss model has a powerklaw, while the one in the picture is armed with a choppa, but that's ok. A bit of artistic license is fine when you factor in how awesome a Boss with a Powerklaw is on the tabletop.

I swapped out the stock head for one from an old metal Warboss. I then carefully curved the horns, and capped them using greenstuff to match the picture. I also sawed the second barrel off the shoota so I could add a chainsaw attachment to match the picture.



The boss is also standing on the chest of a Sapce Marine in the picture which was at the request of the customer, and I think it turned out well. Nothing like a Space Marine corpse to make for a display base.

I left the Space Marine helmet seperate, so the customer can choose between the older 'beakie' style helmet...


... or the more current Mk7 helmet style.


Here's a shot from the other side showing the Space Marine corpse. I used the legs and right arm from a Space Marine biker, and sawed off most of the backpack and torso to get him 'sqiushed' enogh to make a good footrest :)

Up next will be a few Oddboyz.

First up is one of the new Mekboy models. These things are really cool. Very highly detiled and comes with two different weapon options.

I couldn't decide whether to give him the wrench or the killsaw...

... so I figured I'd just magnetize him and let the customer choose when it comes time for a game ;)

Here are a couple of Painboyz, the new one on the left and the older metal version on the right, as well as the Grot Orderly in the middle.

These guys are stock except for the resin bases which all models except the Warboss will be mounted on.

Last up for the odd stuff is the Attack Squig for the Warboss. This model in particular is is one of my favorites and is now fairly rare.

If you don't recognize the model, it's ok, he's almost two decades out of print. He's Growler the Squig Hound from the Lair of the Orc Lord Expansion to the long out of print Warhammer Quest game.

I'll be stripping the red paint off this guy and painting him green to match the squig attack squig in the picture.

Up next are two of the metal Nobs that will be making up the mob. I opted to swap in a couple of plastic weapons on these guys as opposed to just using what came with the models.

There were plenty of single hand choppas laying around, but every Nobs Mob needs to have at least one Big Choppa as well as at least one Powerklaw.

Here's the entire Nobs Mob...

... and here are all the Orks for the Command Mob. A motley assortment of reprobates if ever there was one.

Perfect for leading an Ork army.

Up next will be some paint.

Update 8/10/14

At the cutomer's request, I'm playing around a bit with the positioning of the Boss on his base.

In the previous shots, he almost seemed to be 'sliding' off the back edge of his base.

I've moved the boss forward a bit, and made it so his boot is right up under the chin off the Sapce Marine.

I think the Boss is fairly well balanced at this point. Any more alterations will probably call for a bigger base size.


Update 9/4/14

Here's the Warboss, sporting his gang colors, along with the Attack Squig and the Dark Angels casualty on the base.

Here he is from the back.

Here are the 'Oddboyz'...

2 Painboyz, one new and one old, a grot orderly, and the new plastic Mekboy, complete with a magnetically swappable arm.

I love the sadistic grin on the face of the Painboy on the left :)

Here they are from the back.

Here are a few of the Nobs, toting the heavier weapons as well the Waaagh! Banner.

A few more Nobs...

... and the entire Nobs Mob together.

At this point the painting is pretty much complete.

After I apply some dullcoat, static grass, and take a few final glamor shots, these guys will be ready to ship.

Completed Models

Update 9/6/14

The whole gang, complete with dullcoat and static grass, posing for their glamor shot.

Time to get 'em in the mail...