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Bad Moon Warboss - finished on 4/5/12

Customer: Alex Freshman

Project Outline: I'll be converting an opulent Warboss of the Bad Moon Klan, on his own custom throne. Kind of a Ork version of Greasus Goldtooth, using the Ghazghkull model as a base. This dude should be a blast!

Assembly / Conversion

Here is the beginning of the 'mobile throne'. The tracks and exhast pipes are from a Robogear Varan. The rest of the chassis is scratchbuilt using styrene tubing and plasticard, with a couple of GW bits thrown in.



Here it is from the back. There is still some detail work to be done on this thing, including a couple of bosspoles/trophy racks that will come up at an angle over the warboss' shoulders.



Here is the Boss in place on the throne. I placed him a little more forward on the throne than I would for something like a Warbuggy or a Bike. I wanted this guy to look like he could reach out and really lay down some hurt if he wanted to.

Kinda like if Steven Hawking decided to play roller derby...

... hehe, just try and wash that image outta yer brain :)




He is made from the Ghazghkull model with a couple of changes. The customer provided a custom built head from the Assault on Black Reach warboss with a custom built crown set at a jaunty angle.

To make him look more the part of an opulent Bad Moon warboss, I gave him a pot belly. Bad Moons, being the richest of all the Ork clans, tend to eat pretty well.

The belly plate is from the Ogre Kingdoms line of models in the Warhammer Fantasy range.

Here he is from the side. I haven't glued the fuel tank in place yet, so I'm still tinkering around with the engine.



And a shot from the back. Up next I'll be working on the bosspole / trophy racks



Update 3/19/12

Here's the boss with all the assembly / conversion work finished. The trophy racks are made from 1/16" copper rods with all kinds of orky bits attached.



The glyphs on the trophy racks are casts of the glyphs from the watrukk kit. I also added some arm rests to the chair at the customer's request to make it look more "throne like".



The carnifex head took a little bit of 'fiddling' to get right. Normally, the base of the neck is just a rounded ball so it will fit in the socket in the top of the torso and allow for some poseability. To make it look severed, I had to saw off the ball socket and fill the hole in with green stuff. Once that had set, I then used more green stuff to sculpt the 'gooey bits' (flesh, arteries, etc.) to make it look like a suitably gruesome severed head



Here's a shot from the other side showing the 'Bad Moon' symbol on top of the pole and the extra exhaust pipe.

At this point, this guy is ready for some primer.


Here you can see I've made a few changes to the warboss.

First off, you can see I laid down a primer coat, which allows you to see the model as a whole, as opposed to a collection of parts. This often helps you identify where to improve on a design.

I made a couple of changes to the trophy racks at the request of the customer. I also placed him on a 60mm base for scale purposes.


I added a severed human head and a Space Marine helmet to the trophy rack.

I also changed the glyphs to reflect the name of the Warboss, "Nazgrub Grimteef"



The grot has been modified to be his personal chef. Da Boss gotta eat!

He's holding a ham hock which he cooks over the exhaust pipe. There's also some extra 'munchies' hanging on the back of the bosspole.



Here's a scale shot of the Boss next to a Space Marine Dreadnought.

The Boss is sitting on a 60mm base at the moment, and as you can see he's ovelapping just about everywhere.

I'm, thinking about just leaving the base off of this dude, because really... what's the point? :)

Up next, paint!



Update 4/4/12

Here the Bad Moon warboss in all his painted glory. The carnifex head on the trophy rack has been painted in the colors of one the customer's opponents.



The 'chef grot' is rocking an oven mitt and a ham hock...



... with the extra goodies hanging behind the bosspole.



The severed stump of the carnifex head has been painted to look kinda 'juicy', like a fresh kill.

Aside from some dullcoat final approval by the customer, this guy is good to go



Completed Model

The customer decided he wanted this guy mounted on a base after all, complete with his name "Skrap King Nazgrub Grimteef" painted across the front of the base.

Now to get some dullcoat on ths bad boy and get him in the mail.