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Blood Angels II - project finished on 9/5/12

Customer: Wade Hillman

Project Outline: A Devestator Squad, 2 Sanguinary Priests, 2 Razorbacks, a Vindicator, and a Baal Predator, all painted up in Blood Angels colors. The Sanguinary Priests will have magnetized backpacks, so they can be fielded either with Jump Packs or as regular infantry models.



Here is the Devestator Squad, armed with Missile Launchers and Bolters. The Sergeant is wielding a Powerfist and a Bolt Pistol.



Here is a close up of the 'Sarge' and one of the Missile Launcher Marines.

I thought it would be cool to model one of the Missle Troopers reloading his weapon.



Here are the two Razorbacks, armed with twin-linked Lascannons. These vehicles also have some Blood angels icons from the Baal Predator kit to add to the Blood Angels feel.



Here are the Vindicator and Baal Predator. These were obtained by the customer, already assembled and painted. I need to pick out a few details on these models, such as drilling out gun barrels and exhausts, etc. I'll be using the current paint scheme as a basecoat to work from.

Up next will be primer and paint for the existing models. I'm still waiting on the magnets before assembling the Sanguinary Priests.


Here is the Devestator Squad, all painted up in classic Blood Angel style, with red armor and blue helmets.



A close-up of the sarge and one of the missile launcher marines, reloading his weapon.



Here is the Baal Predator.

I used a black wash to add some shading and depth to various parts of the tank, and then I repainted the armor in Blood Red (old paint color) to match the current round of Blood Angels Infantry, as well as some prior commission models painted for the same customer.




I also picked out a lot of little deatils, such as the icons on the front plate and sponsons, as well as the lenses on the cupola and the main gun.



Here is the Vindicator.

It got the same treatment as the Predator, just with a little more 'bling'

I repainted the danger stripes on the dozer blade...



... as well as painting a freehand Blood Angels symbol on the left door panel.

Up next will be the Razorbacks.



At the customer's request, I added some minor battle damage and weathering to the Vindicator...



... as well as the Baal Predator.




Here is the first of the Razorbacks, armed with Twin-linked Lascannons. I painted a freehand chapter symbol on the front quarter panel, that matches the color scheme on a veteran sargeants shoulder pauldron. I also weathered the vehicle in the sam manner as the Vindicator and Predator above.



Here's the second Razorback, with a similar paint scheme.

Up next will be two Sanguinary Priests, and then these guys will be ready to roll.



Here are the Sanguinary Priests, all converted up and ready for primer.

I've magnetized the models so they can fielded with or without Jump Packs. I swapped out the metal arm on one model for a plastic one I had laying around to add a bit of variety to what would have been two nearly identical models.




Here are the Priests in their gang colors.




... and from the back




Completed Models

Here are all the models for one final glamor shot before they get packed up and ready to ship.