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More Blood Angels - project finished on 9/9/11

Customer: Wade Hillman

Project Outline: Two squads of Assault Marines, a Librarian, and a Sanguinary Priest for the Sons of Sanguinius. The minatures will contain a mixture of bits from the new Blood Angels kits to give them some 'bling'.



Since the customer sent me the models pre-assembled, I'm going straight to the painting shots.

Here is the first combat squad of Assault Marines (without Jump Packs) for paint scheme approval, to see if any changes need to be made

Once the paint scheme is ironed out, I'll get cranking on the rest of the models.



Here they are from the side, showing the freehand chapter symbols. I went for the classic paint scheme of black on red for the iconography, with sergeant having the yellow on black.



Here is the first Assault Squad, all painted up. I changed the color of the helmets to the classic yellow for Blood Angels Fast Attack units.

Up next, the rest of the Assault Marines.



Here is the second Assault Squad. Same loadout as the first, and with the same classic yellow helmets. This squad has a couple more bare heads than the first squad.




Here's the Sanguinary Priest from the front...



... and the back.



The Librarian from the front...



... and the side.

Love that Force Staff :)



And here's the whole mess of models, ready for the final sign-off by the customer.

After that, it's dullcoat, shrink wrap, and off to the post office.



Completed Models

And here they are with dullcoat and static grass applied.

Bag 'em and tag 'em, they're ready to ship.