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Blood Angels 'Deathstar' (Part II) - project finished on 9/28/10

Customer: Wade Hillman

Project Outline: The second part of the nasty Blood Angels unit, a Sanguinary Priest and a Librarian, both decked out in Terminator Armor.


Assembly / Conversion

Here's the Librarian. He's the stock model from the limited edition 'Space Hulk' game.

Since he's all decked out in Blood Angels gear to begin with, he doesn't really need much in the way of embellishment. However, I did change his base.

The 'starship decking' style base that came on the stock model doesn't really fit with the basing theme of the rest of the unit, so I used slate and gravel to make him fit in.



Here's the Sanguinary Priest. He's made from a variety of bits. I used a Terminator body from the Assault on Black Reach set as a base to work from.

The power weapon arm is also from AoBR. The med-pack bits on his waist armor plates are from the Sapothecary chest plate in the Space Marine Command Squad box.

The arm holding the chalice is the leftover thuinderhammer arm from the Assault Terminators box I used for the first part of the 'Deathstar Unit'. I built the actual chalice from greenstuff.


Next up... painting.



Painted Models

And here's the Libby all painted up in his gang colors.

This guy was a real pleasure to paint. The models from the Space Hulk set are extremely detailed and are really awesome scuplts for only being a few pieces.

Here he is from the right side. The shoulder pauldron with the Blood Angels symbol is glossy because of the glossy laquer on it.

Waterslide transfers often get 'cloudy' when dullcoat laquer is applied directly to them. There are several ways to prevent it from happening. The method I chose here is to coat the entire decal and shoulder pad in gloss laquer. This gives the entire area a uniform shine, which will then be toned down when the dullcoat goes on.

And here he is from the other side. At this point he's just waiting for customer approval...

... time to get cranking' on the Sanguinary Priest.

Here's the Sanguinary Priest, with hand-painted symbols denoting his status as a battlefield 'medic' of sorts.

I went with a few white armor plates on the model, reminiscent of the motif used on the stock Sanguinary Priest model by Games Workshop.

Here's the Priest from the rear-right, showing the freehand chapter symbol.

Once I put the dullcoat and static grass on the model, I'll put a drop of gloss varnish in the chalice to give it the 'wet blood' look.

Completed Models

And here they are with static grass and dullcoat. All ready to ship.