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Blood Angels 'Deathstar' (Part I) - project finished on 8/20/10

Customer: Wade Hillman

Project Outline: The first part of a real 'hammer' unit for the Blood Angels. A unit of Assault Terminators led by a Chaplain in Terminator Armor.


Assembly / Conversion

The first model is the chaplain, stock from the blister.



The terminators are sporting Blood Angels shoulderpads from Forgeworld.

The sarge is currently going for the 'Sleepy Hollow' look. When he's done, he'll have a plastic head from one of the new Blood Angels kits.




Here's the Chaplain, all painted up in his gang colors.



... and from the back.

All he needs is a coat of dullcoat varnish and some static grass, and he's good to go.


Next up.... the Assault Terminators.



Here's the sarge for the Assault Terminator Squad. He's rocking a pair of Lightning Claws, a head from the new Blood Angels plastic kit, and the shoulderpads are from Forgeworld.




... and here's the sarge from the back.

I should have some pics of the rest of the squad up shortly.



Here's a couple of Terminators, armed with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields.



The other two Terminators, same armament



And the whole squad.



The whole squad, led by the Chaplain.

After some clearcoat and static grass, these guys are ready to ship.



Completed Models

...and here they are, all good to go.