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Ork Kommando Heads - finished on 10/16/14

Customer: Tork Buckley

Project Outline: 24 custom Ork Kommando heads with berets, as well as 2 Stormboy Nobs, 1 regular Nob, and 2 Kommando Nobs with custom heads.


Assembly / Conversion

Up first are the custom Ork Kommando heads with berets. There are 8 different types of Ork head, both from 40k and Warhammer Fantasy. I used greentsuff to sculpt berets on all of them.

Here are the 2 Stormboy Nobs. These are the old school metal models, converted to have the new plastic powerklaw arms. The arms and heads are pinned in place so the model will stay together.



Here are the 3 other Nobs. The 2 on the right are Kommando Nobs, one has a peaked officer's cap, while the other is sporting a beret and a cigar.

The customer wants to paint these himself, so they're good to go at this point.