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Inquisitorial Warband - finished on 5/20/15

Customer: John Herbert

Project Outline: This is quite an eclectic assortment of infantry models to represent an Inquisitorial Warband. Some are stock GW models, others are from Forgweorld, and there is a bit of custom conversion thrown in as well.

Assembly and Conversion

Up first are 3 Arco-flagellents. These are stock GW models, originally made of metal, but now cast in Finecast resin.


2 Crusaders, also stock GW Finecast models



2 Close Combat Servitors.

These guys are from Forgeworld, and are super fiddly. The arms are very spindly and fragile. The guy on the left is from the Death Korps of Kreig line, and the guy on the right belongs to Inquisitor Solomon Lok.


Up next are a bunch of GW metal models.

In the middle are a waaaay-out-of-print Squat and an Imperial Priest with an Eviscerator Chainsword.

They are flanked by 2 Death Cult Assassins.


Up next is a Warrior Acolyte in power armor, built from a variety of GW and Forgeworld bits.

His armor and flamer are primarily from the Horus Heresy range. Armor from that era had a studded pauldron on the left shoulder as opposed to the Chapter Insignia we see now.


Here's a shot from the back, showing the gear pouches on the backpack and the Inquisitorial symbol on the shoulder pauldron.


Here we have a couple of Inquistors a custom built Elysian Drop Troop Commander.

The Inquistor on the left in Solomon Lok from Forgeworld. The guy in the middle is custom built to resemble Covenant from the now out-of-print Inquisitor game by GW. The guy on the right is custom built using parts from several different IG kits, some greenstuff, and a shotgun from Necromunda.


Here they are from the other rear...



... and from the other side.

I still need to add some grenades and ammo pouches to the Inquistor in the middle, but the conversion work is largely complete at this point.


And finally a group shot.

Once the customer and I iron out a basing scheme for these models, then it will be time for primer and paint.


Update 3/4/15

Here are the Arcoflagellants, all done up in their gang colors.


And a shot from the rear.



Here's the Priest, flanked by the 2 Forgeworld Servitors.


And a shot from the back.

Up next will be the Inquisitors themselves and the Crusaders.



Update 3/10/15

Here are the two Inquisitors, flanked by the Crusaders.

At the moment, their blades are all just plain metal. They will probably end up with some kind of glow effect, once the customer and I agree on which color.

And a shot from the rear.



Update 3/20/15

The customer and I decided on a nice glowing green effect for the blades on the Inquisitor models.

Here are the 2 Death Cult Assassins from the front...



... and from the rear.



Here is the old school Squat model, the Warrior Acolyte in power armor, and the Elsian Drop Troop Commander

The Warrior Acolyte is painted in a quartered scheme of blue and silver, with an Inquisitorial "I" on his chest in gold.

The Elsian Commander is done is a khaki scheme to match the customer's existing Elysian army, but with two blue shoulder pads in case he wants field the model as part of the Inquisitors Warband.



Here they are from the rear...



And all the models together. All that is left now is some dullcoat laquer and some static grass and these guys are ready for the mail.



Supplemental Models

Update 4/23/15

Not done quite yet. The customer decided to add a few more models to the commission. Here you see a Tech-Adept and a Cyber Mastiff, both from Forgeworld.

And here are 4 custom built Servo Skulls. All of these use Xenos heads as the base skull to build on. Heresy, I know, but hey... the Inquisitor may be a radical, right?

Besides, they make for cool models. From left to right the skulls are Tyranid, Necron, Ork, and Tau.



Here they are all together.

Time for some paint.



Update 5/5/15

Here's the Tech Adept, all painted up in his finest Adeptus Mechanicus glory, complete with the red and white gear pattern along the hems of his robe and the glowing power axe

Here he is from the back..

The Cyber Mastiff has been painted up to look like a Rottweiler. I wish the picture was better but the subtle grays on the skin are tough to bring out with my camera.

Here's the mastiff from the other side.

The Servo Skulls, all floaty with their glowing eyes

And the whole group together.

Pending customer approval and some static grass, these guys are ready to ship.