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Infinity Models: Nomads II - finished on 9/20/12

Customer: Josh Bacon

Project Outline: More Inifinity models, painted up in the Nomads paint scheme.


Assembly / Conversion

Here is the whole entourage of Inifinity models to be painted up, nine infantry and one heavy suit type.


As cool and detailed as the Inifinity models are, they are not without their problems.

You'll notice I scratchbuilt a couple of antennae for one of the models.

These were done by drilling into the model, inserting a length of paperclip, and sculpting the antennae around the paperclip with green stuff.

Why, you ask?



Because the antennae supplied with the model are too damn small and 'fiddly' to be of any use.

They're made of metal and their point of contact with the model (also metal) is so small that no amount of glue will make a decent bond. If simply glues in place, these small bits would fall off if your breathed on them

Pinning? Yeah, right. as you can see from the picture, the pieces are actually smaller than my smallest drill bit.

Another design flaw. These bits are from the ammo belt for the suit-type model. This ammo feed belt is supposedly poseable, and is meant to run from the right thigh to the right gun arm on the model.

The only problem, the small ball joint breaks when you try to bend the ammo belt into shape.

Glue it back together?

The points of contact are too small, just like the antennae above.

My solution was to have the weapon count as an energy weapon instead, kind of a gatling laser if you will as opposed to a projectile weapon.

I added two power cables instead of the belt feed.

The red cable is made from sheathed 16-gauge copper wire.

The green ribbed cable is custom made by wrapping a length of cable around another in the same way guitar strings are made.

The gauge of the cable? I don't know for sure. I had some CAT 5 cable left over from when I ran ethernet through my house. I stripped off the outer sheath and it's got a whole bunch of this smaller gauge stuff inside.


Here are the first two infantry models, "Inara" the Reverend Custodier, and "Gene" the Alguacil Hacker.

Gene's helmet is reminiscent of a fighter pilot's helmet with the extra markings.

Here is the "Jayne" the Alguacil Heavy Machine Gunner, flanked by two Moderators, "Yori" and "Ron".

Here are another two Moderators. "Erika" the blonde bomshell is probably my favorite since she's rocking the combi-rifle and a heart-shaped lollipop. "Brock" tries to keep her out of trouble.

Here's is "Eidolon" the Zero, an infiltration specialist, and "Kotono", the sniper.

Last up is the Szalamandra suit, codenamed "Goat".

... and from the back.

Here is the whole squad, all together for a glamor shot before dullcoat and getting packed up.