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Infinity Models: Pan Oceania - finished on 12/15/11

Customer: Josh Bacon

Project Outline: I'll be painting up a squad of Nomad models for Infinity.



Here are some of the infantry models, with the Trauma Doc in the center.


More infantry. These models really remind me of the Appleseed series by Masamune Shirow.

The small antennae on the various models are really fiddly... and easy to lose. I had one of them from the guy on the far left disappear into the carpet. After a futile search, I built a replacement from thin plasticard.

Last, but not least, the 'Cutter', a heavy mech suit.

Up next, primer and paint.



First up are the basic line troops of PanOceania, the Fusiliers. I went with blue-grey armor over with khaki pants, very similar to the stock paintjob on the box.


Here are the same 4 Fusiliers, with names painted on the bases.

For this whole force, the customer wanted names from a variety of different sci-fi sources.


Here are Logan and Shirow, the two Sikh Commandos of the force. I thought Shirow was a particularly good name because of the Appleseed influenced aesthetic of most of the models


Here's Pierce, the trauma doc.


Brom and Gesserit, the Orc Troop and the Croc Man. I'm not quite sure what a Croc Man actually is, but I thought the facial piercings and the toungue sticking out were pretty wild.


The heavy hitter of the group, the Cutter, is named after my favorite favorite character of the Appleseed series.

Briareos is a full-body conversion cyborg and a master marksman. I painted the '113' across the torso place, sinc those were Bri's call numbers in Appleseed: Volume IV.


Here's the entire group ready for dullcoat.