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Infinity Models: Nomads - finished on 12/2/11

Customer: Josh Bacon

Project Outline: I'll be painting up a squad of Nomad models for Infinity.



I started by assembling the models in the Starter Pack, which consists of infantry armed with various assault rifles.

I must say, the Infinity models are top notch from a casting perspective. The detail is exquisite and any mold lines were few and far between. The parts are a bit thin, especially considering I had to pin them to the resin bases. You can see where I had to rebuild the boot of the front, center female model. The ankle joint wasn't much bigger than the drill bit I was using.


Next up is another infantry model, a "Tomcat", which is sort of a 'hacker' type model.

I'm not too clear on the rules for Infinity, but the models are pretty cool.

Having the amrs as seperate pieces makes assembly a bit tough. In many cases, I am unable to pin the joints due to the size of the pieces and the precision in which they fit. All the joints have small ball-and-socket joints, which makes them pretty sturdy for their size.


Next, a Sin-Eater Observant. Beats me what he does, but he's rockin a big ol' sniper rifle.


If the infantry were a bit 'fiddly' to put together, this thing was real pain in the butt!

The Lizard is a large 'mech' unit over twice as tall as an infantry model. I pinned the waist and foot so the whole thing would stay together on the base. The shoulder joints fit together like a puzzle, and the fingers and ammo belts are sperate pieces and too small to properly pin in place.

I got a fair bit of glue on my fingers assembling this thing.


The 'Meteor Zond' appears to be some kind of flying fire support drone. See those fins on the top and sides?

Those things are seperate pieces that had to glued in place. Why didn't I pin them?

'Cuz they're actually smaller in diameter than my drill bit!

These things are going to be fun to paint, but they're definitely not on my list of fun models to assemble or convert.

Next up, primer and paint



Here is the Securitate "Zoe". The customer wanted the uniform to represent her somber and no-nonsense nature with varying shades of grey, with badges and piping to pick out details.


Here she is from the back. These models have a lot of detail and a fun to paint...

... but you'd better have a brush with a really fine point .

Next up will be some more infantry, from the starter set, probably the Alguacils (line troops) and the Zero (recon and infiltration specialist).


Here is the first of the line troopers, an Alguacil named 'Brooks'.


Brooks is the veteran of the group, hence the slightly chipped armor plates on the shoulders and the greying hair at the temples.


Next up is an Alguacil named 'Kaylee'.


Another shot of Kaylee.


'Tam' is the last of the Alguacils. He's got a small technical kit on his base that could be either a hacking device or a medkit.


Another shot of Tam.


'Midori' is the Zero, the infiltration specialist of the group. I did the armor plating in a gloss black, with a green glow to the helmet eye, reminiscent of of night vision goggles.


Midori's armor is darker than the other members of the team, but I did use some orange accents to tie the model in visually with the rest of the group.


Here are the first 5 infantry models in a group shot.

Next up, will be a few other infantry models, as well as the Mech and the drone.


Update 12/1/11

Here's the Sin-Eater Observant 'Jubal', kind of a sniper type.

He's a bit different stylistically from the rest of the group, with a brown duster and ivory colored armor plates.


Another angle of Jubal


Here's the Mobile Brigada 'Slade'. I painted the helemt to look like Slade had self-painted a skull on the faceplate, and also included the green glowing optics common to the rest of the force.


Another angle of Slade


The Tomcat 'Kira' is a hacker type model.


And from the back


The Meteor Zond 'MZ-01' is kind of a fire support drone. The customer wanted this ty=hing to look like a cross between a modern fighter aircraft, like the F-18, and the Valkyrie from the Macross series.

I painted the model primarily in the low-visibility grey of modern fighters, but with the banding and style of the Macross jets.


Another shot of the Meteor Zond. Since the model doesn't have the style of base as the rest of the force, I painted the 'name' on the side of the fuselage, kind of like the ID numbers on the side of modern aircraft


The 'Mule' is the heavy hitter of the group. I painted this guy to look like he's seen a lot of use, with plenty of scratches and a few oil streaks.


A shot of the Mule from the back.


And here's the group all together for a final photo op before dullcoat.