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More Grey Knights - finished on 3/22/13

Customer: David Stark

Project Outline: A squad of Terminators, a Venerable Dreadnought, several characters and a Stormraven, all painted up in Grey Knight gang colors. There will also be some Warhammer Fantasy models in here as well.


Assembly / Conversion

Here is a squad of 5 Grey Knight Paladins, all armed to the teeth, complete with Apothecary (rear, center), and Standard Bearer (rear, left).

These came came through the mail a bit the worse for wear and required a fair amount of reassembly. I've still got a little bit of clean up work on the primer coat before these guys will be ready to paint. I also need to score a top for the banner pole.

This is going to be the Grey Knight's Librarian. The model is originally from the Space Hulk game.

While most of the Space Hulk terminator models are positively plastered with Blood Angels iconography, this guy doesn't suffer from the same issues, making him fairly easy to convert to a different chapter.


These are two character models that will be painted in the chapter colors of the Red Hunters.

The guy on the left uses prodominatly Grey Knight bits, while the Terminator on the left is composed of a Forge World body and arms from the Assault Terminator kit.

The Venerable Dreadnought is the older style metal model and is taking a bath in Simple Green to remove some of the previous paint.

The Stormraven and the Fantasy models will be up later.



The Red Hunters models are actually the Assault Marine and the Librarian.

Here they are from the front...

... and from the right side showing their chapter iconography.

The Red Hunters have close ties with the Inquisition, hence the inquisitorial "I" on the skull.

Here they are from left side.

Next up will be the Paladins.

Update 3/1/13

Here are the Paladins, all painted up in their Grey Knight chapter colors.

These models are super detailed, which is both good and bad.

The good part is that they look nice when they're finished...

... but they take forever.

Just when you think you're done, you notice a little bit that you missed.

All in all, I'm really happy with how they came out.

I still need to finish a few details that I missed on the Grey Knight in Power Armor before I take pictures of him.

Next up will be the freehand banner for the Paladins. That sucker will definitely take a bit of time!

Update 3/7/13

Here is the Power Armor Grey Knight...

... and the freehand banner, based on this banner from the Grey Knights Codex.

My eyes are blurry as hell after working on this thing, but I'm really stoked with how it came out.

Up next will be the Venerable Dreadnought, followed by the Stormraven.

Here are the next models in line for the Grey Knights.

The Venerable Dreadnought is the older metal model, which had to be assembled with a fair number of pins.

The Stormraven will have to be painted, dullcoated, and assembled in stages since there are clear plastic canopies involved.

Dullcoat spray plays hell with clear plastic, creating a frosted effect to the plastic.

Update 3/14/13

Here is the venerable Dreadnought, all painted up and ready to go.

I custom built a 'shoulder shield' to display the heraldry of the Dreadnought pilot.

The model itself doesn't come with one, but since it's such an iconic look for Grey Knights, I built one myself from plasticard.

A shot from th back...

... and from the other side.

Up next will be the Stormraven.

Update 3/19/13

The Stormraven is now pretty much complete from a painting perspective.

The canopies are still loose, so I can apply the dullcoat without fogging up the plastic.

The heraldry of the Chapter Master is painted on the doors, and the name of the aircraft is painted on the fuselage.

There are also feathered wings painted on the wings

I still need to finish up the base for this model. After that, there will be a few Empire figures from Warhammer Fantasy.

Update 3/22/13

Here's the base of the Stormraven, textured with gravel, slate, and a skull for a small bit of contrast.

One last Grey Knight 'family photo' before I get rolling on the Warhammer Fantasy models.

Final Update 4/3/13

Since the Warhammer Fantasy models are from a different game system, I've decided to break them off into their own project log.