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Grey Knights' Kaldor Draigo - finished on 6/8/11

Customer: David Stark

Project Outline: I'll be converting and painting up the Grey Knights special character, Kaldor Draigo.


Assembly / Conversion

Since the customer didn't want the full back banner on the model, I used the top of his back banner as an icon for his armor.

I also shaved down the sculpted imagery on the small shoulder shield and smoothed it out with greenstuff. The customer wants his own custom heraldry.


Here he is from the back, all ready for primer.

Up next... painting.



Here he is all painted up. The paint scheme is slightly different than the stock GW model. There lettering on the shield is on a red background as opposed to black...


... there is some custom heraldry on the small shoulder shield...


... and the cloak and tabard are also black with a white inverted chevron on them. The blade is black with white lightning, and the character's name is 'Cruciel' as opposed to Draigo.

At this point I'm just waiting for approval of the design from the customer and I'll get some clearcoat on this guy..