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Firestorm Armada: Terran Carrier - started on 10/10/11

Customer: The Black Ocean

Project Outline: I'm converting and painting a Terran Carrier for Firestorm Armada by Spartan Games, which will be given away as a prize on The Black Ocean podcast.


Assembly / Conversion

To be perfectly honest, the stock Terran Carrier model is a bit bland for my taste.

I was talking with Chris over at The Black Ocean podcast, and he suggested I spruce things up a bit with some conversion work.

I didn't want to go too crazy on the thing, so it would still look like a Terran ship, so I added a few extra armor panels, a dorsal gun turret, a small radar dish looking thing, and some 'fins' to the engine assembly.



Here's a shot from the back where you can see the barrels of the gun turret a bit better.

Next up... paint.




Here's the Carrier all painted up.

Looking at all the various armor panels on this thing reminded me a lot of the Millenium Falcon, so I decided on a paint scheme similar to that (in)famous ship. Various shades of grey, with a few panels picked out in a dingy red.



For the engines, I opted for the classic 'blue glow'.

At this point, the Terran Carrier is all ready to go.