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Empire Models - finished on 4/9/13

Customer: David Stark

Project Outline: 3 Empire Knights (2 mounted, 1 on foot) and 3 Empire Battle Wizards for Warhammer Fantasy. These models were originally part of a Grey Knights commission, but since the models are from a different game system, I felt they deserved their own project log



The first models up are of the Empire Hero, Valten, both mounted and on foot.

They are painted to represent one of the customer's roleplaying characters.

Here they are from the other side.

The next model up is also Valten, but equipped in a more huimble fashion.

This model will represent the Grandmaster of one the customer's knightly orders, The Order of the Sundered Lance, the heraldry of which is a white unicorn head on a purple field.

In game terms, he is carrying the White Cloak of Ulric, so I painted the cape as white scales, as if it was made from lizard hide.

Up next will be a couple of Battle Wizards, one from the Amethyst College, and the other from the Celestial College.

Update 4/9/13

Here is the first Battle Wizard. This guy is from the Amethyst Order, which deals in death magic, hence the somber color scheme.

I went for a dark amethyst robe, and a black cloak. The flaming skull makes for a nice contrast to all the dark colors.

The next Battle wizard is from the Celestial Order. For this guy I wanted him to have the colors of the night sky. The robe is in a dark bluish grey, with a few celestial symbols (stars and a crescent moon).

For the cloak, I decided to cut loose with a full freehand nebula. I'm really stoked with how it came out.

Aside from some dullcoat and static grass. These guys are pretty much done.

Completed Models

Here's one last glamor shot of the Empire model before I pack them up for shipping.

I've made a couple of changes to the Grandmaster Knight, specifically giving him purple pants and darkening his hair color.

Bag 'em and tag 'em. These guys are ready to roll.