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Custom Dakkajet & Other Goodies - finished on 12/22/14

Customer: Eric Richards

Project Outline: Some custom built Ork Flash Gitz, a mega-armored Warboss, as well as a custom Dakkajet built from a Tau fighter.


Assembly / Conversion

I'm starting with the converted Dakkajet because it looked like a lot of fun...

... plus I needed a good "converting break" after painting all those Raven Guard :)

I started cutting into the forward fuselage of the Tau fighter to fit the cockpit and canopy from the Ork Dakkajet kit.

It took a fair bit of dremel work to hollow out the fron, as well as some plasticard plating to smooth out the joints.

The exhaust pipes are made from styrene tubing inserted into the top of the wings and then building up a small fairing with plastic strips.

Rule of cool is always best when dealing with Orks, and even though it's not strictly practical from an aerodynamic point of view, I wanted the exhaust coming from the top of the wings to look like the headers sticking out the hood of a muscle car :)

I also inverted the little "jet drones" on the outed wings and 'bolted' them on with plasticard strips and some more orky exhaust bits.

The tail uses some of the wing bits from the Dakkajet kit to make an "X" shaped tail. I also converted the existing Tau tail gun turret to look like a grot turret with a top hatch.

The biggest thing in this conversion is the custom-built, oversized jet engine coming from the rear of the plane. I used styrene tubing, PVC pipe, and some other bits to make this beast look waaaaay overpowered for the size of the plane.

"Need For Speed", baby!


The weaponry on this thing consists of multiple shoota-style weapons: one fixed forward in the nose, another in the chin turret, two along the leading edge of the wings, and one in the rear tail gunner position.

The ordnance load consists of 2 large bombs (magnetized) and 6 rokkits. The rokkits are so fragile that I decided to glue them in place. Drilling into the rokkits mounting brackets to add magnets would likely have damaged them.

I left the cockpit glass and pilot loose for painting purposes. I aslo left the head off the pilot to give the customer a choice of heads.

At this point, the model is pretty much complete pending customer approval.

Up next will be some Flash Gitz and the Mega-Boss.


Update 12/22/14

The customer decided to use the small windshield and the pilot's head with the scarf.

Good choice.

It makes him look like a WWI flying ace.


Here are a couple of custom Flash Gitz. I used the bodies of Assault on Black Reach Nobs as the base to work from.

From there I used the combi-weapon arms from the Nobs box and modified them to have multiple barrels, extra ammo feeds and other goodies to make them into convincing Snazzguns.



I used Nob heads from several sources and used greenstuff to give the pirate hats, bandannas, and eye patches to fit in with the "pirate" theme common to Flash Gitz.


Here are all 5 Flash Gitz, mobbed up and ready to lay down the dakka.


The Mega-Boss uses the metal Ghazghkull model as the base to work from, along with an additional Ghazghkull Klaw arm in finecast to give him two powerklaws.

Since Ghazzy's head is so iconic, I opted to swap it out for the Warboss head from the Assault on Black Reach set.

The custome Bosspole uses bits from several sources, and signifies him as a Deathskull Boss.

Since no Warboss would be caught without guns in addition to his Powerklaws, I added forearm mounted weapons to count as a Shoota-Rokkit combi-weapon.

The shoota on the right Klaw...


... and the Rokkit on the left Klaw.

At this point, since the customer wants to paint the models himself, these guys are good to go.


Completed Models

One more glamor shot of the whole batch of models before I pack 'em up and get 'em ready to ship.