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Custom Killa Kanz - finished on 7/24/15

Customer: Eric Richards

Project Outline: A mob of 4 Killa Kanz, converted from Space Marine Centurions. Should be fun... and weird. :)


Assembly / Conversion

Here is the mob of Looted Centurions made into Killa Kanz.

These things are a kitbash of Space Marine Centurions, Grot parts, Ork Walker bits, plasticard, wire, a few resin cast pieces, and a dive into my bits box.

Up first we have two Kanz armed with Grotzookas. The guy on the left is a bit braver than his buddy on the right, and is climbing out the top to toss a stikkbomb at the enemy.

Guess the grotzooka wasn't quite enough dakka :)

Here they are from the back.


Up next we have another Kan on the left and the "Leader Kan" on the right.

The Leader Kan has an armored cockpit, complete with roof hatch and 'orky face' porthole, as well as acustom buzzsaw, as well as a bosspole to denote his status.

Here they are from the side. I particularly like how the Leader Kan's buzzsaw turned out.

Since the customer wants to paint these bad boys himself, they're pretty ready to ship.