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Lootas & Wartrakks - finished on 1/15/14

Customer: Eric Richards

Project Outline: Some custom-built Ork Lootas, as well as customized versions of the GW Wartrakk and Warbuggy.


Assembly / Conversion

Here are the first 3 Lootas. The guy in the middle is carrying a Sapce Marine Plasma Cannon, and the two guys flanking him are toting sawed-off Imperial Guard Autocannons.

The other 3 Lootas use the weapons from the actual Loota kit, but the whole "weapon harness" look has been scrapped. I've taken the ammo portion of the harnesses and converted them into backpacks.



All 6 Lootas.


Here's the Warbuggy, upgraded to have a full size crew, as opposed to weedy little stock crew that come with the vehicle.

This thing is a holdover from the old Gorka Morka days, when the Ork models were considerably smaller.

I've removed the pintle mount weapon, and replaced it with a passenger compartment for the "gunner". He's basically just a dakka-happy Ork with a Slugga in one hand and a Big Shoota in the other.

I've also custom built a front armor plate that is similar enough to the old design to not look out of place, but different enough to give the model it's own look.


I've also modified the engine a bit as well. I got rid of the radiator looking thing on the stock models and replaced it with dual exhaust pipes, a supplemental gas tank, and a "nitrous oxide" booster on the rear fender.

Since the buggy is armed with a twin-linked big shoota in the rules, I added another bigs shoota on it's own weapon mount.

Here's the Wartrakk, upgraded and up-gunned in a similar fashion to the Warbuggy above.

The crew are full size Orks, and I've added some ramshackle armor plating to the trakk units on the rear of the vehicle.

The gun has also been upgraded to something with a LOT more dakka than the standard kit.

Armor plating is on this side as well, in addition to a grot rigger.


A shot from the other side.

I've got to see what I can do about the light settings on my camera. The rivets and other detail on the white armor plating is washed out in the pictures.


Bag it an' tag it.

The customer wants to paint these things himself, so pending approval, these things are ready to ship.