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Black Templars Terminators - project completed on 3/1/11

Customer: Eric Hubbard

Project Outline: Custom conversions of some Black Templar terminators.


Assembly / Conversion

Here are the completed bodies of the Terminators. They are all pinned to their resin bases, but are still removable for painting purposes.

Their arms are not tacked in place yet, nor are their resin shoulder pads from scibor miniatures attached either.

The front of all the torsos are made from the upper half of terminator chest plates combined with the tabard pieces from the Black Templars sprue. Getting the torsos to fit was pretty 'fiddly' and the gaps under the armpit areas had to be filled with greenstuff, which was then sculpted to appear like wrinkled fabric.

Here's a front shot of the Marshall. I used the front halkf of the Space Marine Captain from the Assault on Black Reach set for this one.

It also took a fair bit of cutting and filing to get him to fit.

The cloak is from the Chaos Terminator Lord, with some greenstuff added to smooth out the worst of the tears and holes in the fabric.



Here's a better shot of the cloak. Even though I got rid of most of the tatters, I decided to leave a few in there, especially along the trailing edge. These guys are supposed to fighting after all.

To quote the late, great Lewis 'Chesty' Puller, USMC:

"We're Marines. We look this way for a reason!"



I used super glue very sparingly here to attach the arms and shoulder pads in place to test the overall look.

The customer intends to magnetize the arms and paint them himself, so the arms are not attached in any permanent way.

Here they are from the right side to show the lion-themed shoulder pads...

... and also from the left showing the shoulder pads and the templar shields.

Bag it and tag it!

These guys are done.

Painting in Progress (done by customer)

Here is a'Painting in Progress' shot of the Marshal, sent to me by the customer.


And another one.