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Red Hunters Terminators - finished on 1/8/14

Customer: David Stark

Project Outline: 6 Space Marine Terminators from the Red Hunters Chapter.


Assembly / Conversion

Here are the first 3 Terminators. From left to right are the Chaplain, a Dark Angels character who has had the Dark Angels iconography chaged with greenstuff, and finally the Thunder Hammer guy from the Space Hulk.

Here are the rest of the Terminators, an apothecary, a standard bearer, and a guy with a two handed power axe.

I replaced the banner pole on the middle guy with a length of brass tubing. The brass tube has a steel rod inside for extra support on the whole thing is seated down inside the torso of the terminator. That should be a lot sturdier than the flimsy plastic rod that comes with the stock kit.

I don't know why GW does that. These are gaming pieces for crying out loud. They need to be tough!



Update 1/8/14

Here is the First Captain, based on the Belial model with the Dark Angels iconography replaced with images more fitting the Red Hunters.

I also added an eagle to the top of the banner since it was looking a little sparse in the above shot

The customer wanted the blade of the First Captain's sword to look as though it had a starfield in it.

The Chaplain. This is one of my favorite models in the entire Space Marine range.

Here is the axe-guy, with a blue energy effect on the blade of his weapon.

Here are the last 3 Terminators. From left to right they are the Apothecary, the Standard Bearer, and the Thunderhammer guy from Space Hulk.

The freehand banner in the center is based on the design of the Deathwing banner, with the fallen angel replaced by the Red Hunetr's skull.

And here they are all together. All they need now is some dullcoat to protect the paint and they're ready to ship.