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Empire Landship - project finished on 10/18/14

Customer: David Stark

Project Outline: Building and painting the Warhammer Fantasy Empire Landship from Forgeworld. This model is quite a beast, both in it's physical size, as well as the 'fiddlyness' of the design. I'll also be painting up an infantry model or two to go along with it.

Assembly / Conversion

Every Forgeworld model begins it's life in pretty much the same way...

... as a pile of resin bits, freshly washed with Simple Green to remove the mold release.

While casting in resin can create some highly detailed and intricate models, the process can be prone to imperfections, in this case, warpage.

Resin is poured into a flexible mold in a liquid state. Once the resin cures, it can be cut, drilled, glued and sanded just like any other model.

Sometimes the castings will be removed from the mold while the resin is still slightly pliable. This makes it easier to get the parts out of the mold, but can result in warped pieces that need to be straightened out.


Sometimes the problems get a bit more serious. Some pieces can't be fully straightened, or air bubbles may destroy certain areas of detail.

In cases like this, you need to break out with green stuff and recreate the detail yourself, like I've done here with the planking along one of the lower seems on the hull.

Since the lower side of the ship has all kinds of barnacles, I decided to add a couple of my own as well as a starfish just for the hell of it :)

Many resin models have to be built and paited in stages in order to reach all the visible areas with a paintbrush.

These wagon wheels are a perfect example. If I were to glue everything in place right now, I wouldn't be able to reach all the areas inside the wheel with primer, let alone paint.

I'll be building this thing as a series of sub-assemblies, that I will paint individually and then assemble at the end.

Here is the assembled model, dry-fit to show what the end result will look like.

As far as size, the flag on the top of the mast reaches 9" high, and the overall length is about 10".

For you 40k guys out there looking for a sense of scale... a Land Raider is only 3" tall and 7" long. This thing is a behemoth.

And here it is as a series of sub-assemblies, all ready to be primed.

The crew have small lengths of steel rod inserted into their heels which correspond to small holes I drilled in the deck.

Painting in Progress

Update 9/25/14

Here is the Landship with the basecoat laid down.

With all the detail, and the sheer amount of surface area to be covered inside and out, this thing is quite an undertaking.

I still need to do a lot of shading and highlighting, as well as some freehand heraldry, before the ship itself is finished.

Then I need to get the crew, painted...


I'm really looking forward to seeing this model finished. It's going to be really cool :)

Update 10/8/14

I've got the Landship itself finished. All the shading, highlighting, freehand, and detail work are done.

All I need to finish is the crew at this point.

Here it is from the other side. I'm really happy with how the shields and heraldry turned out on this thing, as well as the details on the hull.

Here's a shot from the back, showing the boiler assembly.

The customer made a change to the figurehead of the model, changing it from the stock mermaid, to a wolf.

I painted the wolf to look like a bronze statue, complete with verdigris.

With the wolf figurehead, I decided that the name "Sea Wolf" would fit well with the theme, and at the customer's request, I recreated the House Stark wolf's head symbol from Game of Thrones on the flag.

Here's a close up of the boiler and the stern castle...

... and a detail shot of the lower hull, showing off all the barnacles.

This model is pretty fiddly to paint, but I love how it's turning out.

Up next will be the crew.

Update 10/10/14

I've finshed painting the Landship crew and they're all pinned in place at their stations.

Here's the Engineer at the wheel in the stern castle.

The Loout up in the Crow's Nest...

... and the Captain and 2 Deck Gunners on the foredeck.

Here's a bird's eye view of the foredeck crew.

... and finally another Deck Gunner, stationed amidships to protect against unwanted visitors.

I'm also building a custom base for this thing. The models in Warhammer Fantasy all come with square or rectangular bases for movement purposes.

The large bases for monsters and warmachines are usually measured in multiples of 25mm. The base for this beast is a whopping 200mm long x 100mm wide. It's made of MDF board and textured with gravel and pebbles. After it's painted I'll be applying some static grass as well.

Update 10/16/14

Here's the base for the Landship, all painted up and ready for static grass.

In addition to the Landship, I'm painting up a couple of infantry models as well.

Up first is the Special Edition Ulric model from the Storm of Magic release...

... and Vulkan He'Stan of the Salamanders chapter.

Another shot of Vulkan, showing off the forearm shield...

... and from the back, showing the details of the scaled cloak.

Aside from some dullcoat and a bit of staic grass, these models are good to go

Completed Models

Update 10/18/14

Here is the Landship, complete with finished base, and ready to ship.

As well as the infantry models, with dullcoat applied and static grass on the bases.

Bag 'em and tag 'em. These guys are done.