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Fantasy Models - start date pending

Customer: David Stark

Project Outline: Taking a bit of a break from 40k for this one, and working on some Empire models for Warhammer Fantasy. Some are from Games Workshop, while others are not.


Assembly / Conversion / Basing

Here are the initial photos of the models, as the arrived from the customer.

The two mounted models in the rear rank on the left are from the Warhammer Fantasy Empire range by GW. I'm not sure of the manufacturer of the other models, but that wolf rider on the right is a monster!

I've added gravel and sand to the bases of these models, but otherwise they're just as they arrived in the box.

While I do like the look of the wolk, the neck will need a bit of greenstuff sculpting to smooth out the joint.



Greenstuff on the neck joint.

Much better.



From the other side.




First up are the mounted Empire characters, Boris Todbringer and the Army Standard Bearer.

The Standard Bearer carries the banner of Todbringer himself.



Here the are from the side...



...and from the other side.



Here are the infantry models.

The dude on the left is the foot version of the character on the wolf. The model on the right is Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings line, painted up as an Empire Jade Wizard



Here they are from the back.



And finally, the Wolf Rider...



The size of this thing speaks for itself.



Jeez, what a beast!



Here they are, all assembled and ready for some static grass.



To Be Continued...