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'Squig-Powered' Wartrukk - completed on 2/20/14

Customer: Max

Project Outline: A scratchbuilt Wartrukk, powered by squigs, to go with the customer's 'Squig Mob'


Assembly / Conversion

The customer created a mob of squigs inspired by my Squig Mob, only led by a huge squig made from this model in the Warhammer Fantasy range.

This picture is the customer's squig mob in action at a tournament. He contacted me to build 'em a ride.

Since his squig mob is led by a huge squig, as opposed to a Nob, I would guess they are decidedly less predictable than mine.

My Trukk had exposed crew, but there's no way any self respecting Ork driver is gonna open the cage without somebody around to wrangle the squigs, hence the enclosed cab.

The pencil marks on the cab are where I plan on putting the windows. They'll be made of metal grillwork to keep the squigs out. The box with the "X" is where a big shoota barrel will be poking out.

Instead of an engine, I went with a couple of squigs on a treadmill. They'll be held in place by chains once I start detailing this thing.

The cage on the back of the Trukk is hinged, with the doors held in place by built in magnets (the small silver circle).

When the Trukk pulls up to the target...



... drop the gates and let the squigs run wild :)


Update 2/6/14

Here is the Trukk with the conversion conversion and detailing complete.

I've added armored windows to the cab, some open fenders over the front wheels, an nice 'teeth' style ram to the front, as well as plenty of extra armor plating and rivets.


The squigs also have a bit through their teeth, which is connected to chains running back into the cab. They've also got a tasty morsel on a stick hung out in front of them for 'incentive' :)

From the back showing the rivets and scratches on the squig compartment.

The small armor plates attached to the bars will be for 'danger' and 'squig' glyphs.


Here's a closer shot of the snotling bait hanging out fron of the squigs.

The big shoota on the Trukk is aimed in the direction of the snotling...

...you know, just to make sure he does his job of swatting the squigs on the snout with that stick to get 'em all wound up :)


A shot of the undercarriage, showing the drivetrain.

The squig treadmill drives the transmission via a system of gears on the side of the frame. Power is then transferred down the drive shaft to the rear axle.

Ork engineering at it's best :)



Update 2/13/14

With the Trukk pretty much completed, the customer also wanted a Nob for one of his other Ork mobs.

The kicker?

This Nob would be impersonating a Space Marine Terminator.

So using a couple of Terminator shoulder pads (one of them is Forgeworld), I set about building the guy.

I used brass rod and some plasticard to build a mardi-gras mask that will be painted with a Terminator helemt on the front.

Here he is from the back, with his gun slung over his back. I'll be adding some rivets to the extra armor plate on the shoulder, as well as a bosspole.

Painted Models

Update 2/20/14

Here's the Trukk, all painted up and ready to roll.

Instead of danger signs in "humie language" the customer wanted to use Ork Glyphs. The one on this side of the Trukk is the glyph for "Squig"

The one on this side is the "Grim" glyph, which can mean a variety of things, but stands for "Dangerous" in this case

Here's the Trukk from the right side rear...

... and the left side rear...

... and with the cage opened up to let the squigs loose.

A close up of the front showing the Squigs, the snotling 'bait', and the Evil Sunz flame paint job on the fenders.

Here's the "Sneaky" Nob with his Terminator mardi-gras mask.

The Bosspole has a plate with the "Beekee" glyph, which means Space Marine.

Here he is from the back...

... and from the side showing off his looted Ultramarine Terminator shoulder pad.

Other than some dullcoat, these models are good to go.