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Forgeworld Demonhunter Goodies - finished on 11/26/10

Customer: Mike Perry

Project Outline: I'll be painting up Inquistor Lord Hector Rex and a Grey Knight Dreadnought from Forgeworld. Gotta love the detail on these resin models.


Assembly / Conversion

Here's Hector Rex and his retinue. These resin models are absolutely beautiful. Rex is a bit fiddly to assemble in a couple of places, but nothing outrageous.

Overall the casting is really nice on these guys, which can sometimes be a problem with resin.


Here are a couple of metal Inquistorial Henchman to go along with Hector Rex and his resin boys.

They're pretty much stock from the blister, but I did add a hood made of greenstuff to the head of the 'warrior' type guy.


Here's the Grey Knight Dreadnought all modelled and ready for primer. The legs on this guy are cast in a 'leg up' stance, so I used some slate to prop up his foot.


Remember those 'casting problems' I talked about earlier. Resin can be tricky to work with, and since the molds are flexible (usually silicon or some other rubbery material), parts occasionally come out of the mold slightly deformed.

The 'shoulder sockets' of this dreadnought are a case in point. The slight deformation won't be noticeable once the model is assembled, but they did make it difficult to attach the arms. I solved this by magnetizing them.


Here's the other side, with had the same problem. The deformation of the 'shoulder pin' made it so the arm wouldn't fit.

A drill and some rare earth magnets solved that problem.

Now these guys are ready for primer.



Here are the first three henchmen for Hector Rex's retinue. I painted them up in red robes, with the symbol of the inquisition on the front of their hoods. The Mystic guy on the far left doesn't have any iconography on his clothing. I figured having the Inquistion symbol stapled to his face was enough :)

Like most Forgeworld models, these guys are very well detailed and are a pleasure to paint.


Here they are from the back.

I did a couple of extra washes on the book across the back of the standard bearer guy. I wanted it to look extra aged.


Here are the next two henchmen in the retinue, a Warrior and a Servo-Skull.


Here they are from the back.

The glossy reflection on thye cloak of the Warrior will be taken care of when I apply the dullcoat varnish.


And here's the big man himself... Hector Rex.

This dude is just a bad-ass. I love how he's all grizzled and battleworn, but still looks like he could just curb-stomp you without breaking a sweat.


The inside of his Storm Shield is especially cool with own personal data screen.


Here he is from the back...


... and with his whole gang of flunkies.

Up next... The Dreadnought.


Here's the Dread from the front left, with the painting completed.


... and from the front right...


... and finally from the rear. At this point all he needs is some dullcoat and static grass.


Before the dullcoat and static grass get added, the customer wanted me to make the base a bit more 'scenic'...

... by added a victim to the base. Well, he is a Demonhunters Dreadnought after all. what better way to show it than to have a beheaded demon on the base.

At this point, the Dread is pretty much good to go.


And here's the finished Dreadnought, complete with static grass.