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Grey Knights Goodies - finished on 8/16/11

Customer: David Stark

Project Outline: I'll be painting up Inquistor Lord Hector Rex from Forgeworld. I'll also be converting up a Grey Kinights 'Chaplain' custom character


Assembly / Conversion

Here's Hector Rex, all put together and on a base of slate and gravel.


As good as Forgeworld models are, they occaisionally have some issues. Here you can see where I had to fill a gap in his cape with greenstuff.

I also see a mold line on his cloak that I missed before. I'll get that scraped off before painting.


His retinue, all m ounted and based the same.

There was a bit of a problem with the standard bearer. The top of the standard pole was broken off, and when I reattached it, it was bent forward at a weird angle.

The great thing about resin is that, when it breaks, the break is usually very clean, and thus it's easy to repair.


The other cool thing is that if the resin is bent a weird angle (a fairly common occurence), it's easy to bend back.

Just hold the bent part of the model under warm running water until the resin becomes soft. The bend it back to the desired position and run it under cold water to "set" it again. Piece of cake.


Here's the Grey Knight 'Chaplain', converted from the Grey Knight Terminators plastic kit.

I used greenstuff to build a scroll-style tabard to hang from his waist, and the head from a Khorne Berserker with the 'fins' trimmed off to make the helmet. Overall I wanted to get a similar effect to the Chaplain in Terminator Armor.


Here he is from the back. The auspex hanging from his belt can double as an orbital relay to call down orbital strikes.



Here's the Chaplain all painted up and ready to go.


A shot from the rear right, showing the hand painted heraldry on his shoulder pad and the auspex hanging from his belt.


And a shot from the rear left.

Up next, Hector Rex and his entourage.


The customer wanted a couple of minor changes to the Chaplain, namely blue eyes...


... and the name "Oracion" on the shoulder pad.


Here's Hector Rex from the front...


... and the back.

His sword is described in the Imperial Armor books as, "a shining blade of pure white light". I tried to get that across when painting his blade.


Here are the members of Hector Rex's retinue, from the front...


... and the back.

At this point, the models are pretty much complete, aside from dullcoat laquer.