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Death Company Chaplain - finished on 10/18/11

Customer: Jake Brick

Project Outline: I'll be painting up this guy in the black livery of the Blood Angels Death Company.


Assembly / Conversion

After some delays getting the model, I've finally got the assembly done on this guy.

Word to the wise, if you're looking to get your hands on metal models, act quickly. Games Workshop is really pushing their 'finecast' stuff, and some distributors are having trouble getting metal models.

At any rate, the model is pretty much stock, except for the addition of a Jump Pack and a resin base. The resin base has been custom cast with some metal washers in it for weight. If you look at the right front of the base, you can just make out the edge of the washer through the resin.

Here he is from the back. I've added a few purity seals to the Jump Pack as well.

Next up will primer and then paint.




Here's the Chaplain with his Jump Pack, all painted up in his Death Company gang colors.

Here he is from the rear left, showing the freehand skull and 'Death Company Cross' on the top of the Jump Pack.

But wait there's more...

Here he is with a standard power armor backpack, from the front...

... and the back.

That's right boyz and girlz...

... the backpacks on this guy are magnetized, so the customer can field him however he wants.

Aside from some dullcoat varnish, this guy is good to go.