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Dark Angels VII - finished on 7/16/15

Customer: Josh Bacon

Project Outline: A bunch of Deathwing Terminators, a Deathwing Chaplain, a few characters in power armor, and a Landraider Crusader.

Conversion and Re-Basing

Nearly all of the Deathwing Models are converted from Space Hulk Terminators.

In addition to cleaning off the Blood Angels iconography and either replacing of modifying it to fit the Dark Angels, I had to re-base the models on resin bases.


In a couple of cases, clipping the models off their bases wasn't a viable option due to the pose of the model. I would've have to destroy detail in order to do so.

I opted instead to use clipped off pieces of some of the other bases to create an urban wastelnad look to match the resin bases of the other models.

They'll blend in nicely once they're painted



The Deathwing Chaplain will be the stock GW Terminator Chaplain model.

This is one of my favorite GW sculpts in any model range.


The power armored guys for this commission are all character models.

These 3 are from the Dark Vengeance boxed set. They are, from left to right, an Interrogator Chaplain, a Librarian, and a Company Commander.


The other 3 characters are from a variety of different sources.

The guy on the left is a Blood Angels Deathwatch Marine. The guy in the middle is a fincast Dark Angels Commander, with a Forgeworld head swapped in.

The guy on the right is one of the new plastic Space Marine Commanders. He is a limited edition model with some Dark Angels bits swapped in.


Last up is the Land Raider Crusader, complete with extra armor, doors, and multi-melta turret, all from Forgeworld. It's also got a couple of nice metal book bits on the front fenders.

Up next... primer and paint.



Update 1/28/15

Up first are some of the Deathwing.

These are the Captain, Heavy Flamer, and Assault Cannon guys from Space Hulk. The Captain has been converted with a back banner with a servo skull, sporting a freehand design of the Dark Angels sword and a book.


Up next are three more Space Hulk Terminators, all painted up in Deathwing colors.



Four more terminators, 3 from Space Hulk and one from the stock GW kit.


And a group shot of all 10 Deathwing.

Up next will be the Landraider.


Update 2/10/15

Here is the Landraider Crusader, painted up in Deathwing colors. I opted to paint some of the extra armor panels in green to add some contrast into the color scheme.


Here it is from the right side front...



... the right side rear...


... and the left side rear.



Here is a close-up shot of the freehand art on the top of the hull. The customer named this vehicle the "Ivory Blade" after one of his ships in Battlefleet Gothic.

Next up will be some of the Dark Angles character models



Update 7/15/15

Here are the final character models, all painted up and ready to roll. These three in particular are from the Dark Vengeance boxed set. From left to right they are the Librarian, the Limited Edition Interrogator Chaplain, and the Captain.


Here is a Chapalin in Terminator armor and Deathwatch Marine from the Blood Angels Chapter.


Finally, we have two Dark Angels characters in dramatic cloaks.

Once I finalize which company iconography is going on the kneepads of these models, they'll be ready for dullcoat and shipping.


Update 7/16/15

The Dark Angels characters are now painted with the iconography of the 9th and 7th compnies respectively..


Here is final group shot before I pack them up and ship them off.