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Dark Angels VI - finished on 4/3/14

Customer: Josh Bacon

Project Outline: Dark Angels Characters, Veterans, and other models. The initial models for this project were transferred over from the Dark Angels V project at the end of 2012. There will also be a few additional models from the new Dark Angels range thrown in here as well. Look for some Deathwing Terminators as well as a Nephilim Fighter in the future.

Assembly and Re-Basing

Here are the Chaplain and the Company Captain transferred over from the Dark Angels V project.

The Chapian is converted from the Legion of the Damned Sergeant.


Here are the Company Veterans, all armed with large blades and halberds. The arms on the models come from the Grey Knight and Sanguinary Guard kits.

All models have been based on my Urban Wasteland Bases, available in the Store.




Update 1/14/13

The Company Veterans are now sporting their gang colors. All the models are sporting power weapons and freehand iconography.


Here's a close up of a couple of the Veterans.


Update 4/12/13

Here are the Chaplain and the 4th Company Captain, all painted up and ready for dullcoat.

Up next will be a whole slew of Deathwing models.


Assembly of Deathwing

Update 4/18/13

Here is a full 10-man squad of Deathwing Terminators. They are a mix of the new models from the Dark Vengeance set, and some of the older multi-part plastic Terminators, with a few Deathwing bits, like the Plasma Cannon seen on the guy in the front right.

They are all mounted on my Urban Wasteland bases available in the Store.


I'm also painting up a Librarian in Terminator as well. This model is from the now out-of-print Space Hulk game.


As you can see here, I'm pinning all the Terminators to their bases, but I'll be priming them different colors. The bases will be primed black for the urban look as seen on the rest of the army.

The Terminators themselves will be primed white. It would be a real pain to get an even tone with their bone white paint scheme if I were to try it over a black undercoat.

Painting the Deathwing

Update 6/27/13

Here are the Deathwing all painted up in ther gang colors.

I'm really happy with how they came out. The models from the Dark Vengeance set are super intricate for being 2-3 part models. Picking out all those little details, while time consuming, was really rewarding in the end.


Here's a shot of the Sarge, flanked by the Assault Cannon guy and another one of the Dark Vengeance models.

A few Terminators made from the standard kit, with a few Dark Angels bits thrown in.

Three more "rank-and-file" guys, if "rank-and-file" can be used to describe Space Marine Terminators.

Up next will be the Librarian.

Update 7/2/13

The Deathwing Librarian, all painted up and ready to roll.


Here he is from the back, with a freehand Deathwing symbol on his shoulder pauldron.

Assembling the Nephilim Fighter

Update 9/19/13

Here is the Nephilim Fighter from the front.

I've left some of the components removable for painting purposes. The top of the wings will be primed white, because building up an even white color for the wing design would be a real pain over a black undercoat. Also, the canopy is clear and doesn't take well to spray primer or dullcoat.


A shot from the back.

I've decided to magnetize the main gun, so the customer will be able to swap between Avenger Mega Bolter and Twin-Linked Lascannon at his convenience.

Here are all the bits, disassembled and ready for primer. Not shown is the flight base, which will be done in a urban wasteland theme to match the rest of the army.


Update 9/30/13

At the request of the customer, I'm swapping out the stock GW flight stand for a telescoping Omni-stand by CorSec Engineering.

The stand has a gimbol top and extends to nearly 2 feet high. The base is the same size as the large GW oval base, and is made of clear acrylic. The telescoping stand, base, and mounting peg all screw together and make for a nice stable platform.


I used plasticard to create a small plate for the mounting peg, and placed it in the same spot as the standard GW stand for proper balance.

With the gimbol top, the omni-stand allows for some cool posing of the aircraft.

Another banking shot.

Now it's time to prime this bad boy.

Painting the Nephilim Fighter

Update 10/2/13

In order to get a smooth tone on the wing patterns, I used a two-tone primer technique. I first sprayed white primer on the upper surfaces of the wings. Then I masked off that area with masking tape and primed the rest of the model black.

Once everything was dry, I removed the tape and touched up the detail areas of the wings, and painted the sword on top of the fuselage.

Now the Nephilim shows the Dark Angels chapter symbol when viewed from the top.


Update 10/8/13

Here's the fighter with all the primary painting finished.

From the other side.

From the left rear...

... and the right rear.

All that's left is to apply the dullcoat and glue the canopy in place.

Update 10/15/13

Some completed shots of the Nephilim Fighter, with dullcoat applied and the canopy in place.

From the side...

... and the front.

This model is off to the customer. Up next will be some miscellaneous infantry models, not all of them from the Dark Angels chapter, and then this project will be finished.

Converting and Assembling Remaining Models

Update 12/5/13

I'm finishing off the last miscellaneous models. Here are a couple of counts-as models to be painted up as Iron Hands.

The guy on the left is a Techmarine with a chaos backpack with the iconography removed. The guy on the right is an apothecary with Iron Hands shoulder pads.


Here are some Dark Angels models, a Standard Bearer flanked by a couple of Veteran Sergeants.

A bunch of Servitors, two geared for close combat and two with converted Plasma Cannons. The cannons are from Leman Russ sponsons and modified using plasticard and greenstuff.

Here are the Servitors from the back, with the greenstuuf cables.

A couple of Techmarines, with custom servo harness built from styrene tubing, and various bits.

The Techamrines from the back, showing off the servo harnesses.

I'm really happy with how they turned out, but wow... were they a pain in the butt :)

Similar to the self propelled Conversion Beamer I built for this project back in 2009, I making two more tracked chassis for Techmarine equipment.

The one on the left is a conversion beamer using a Necron Death Ray bit. The on on the right uses the central pillar bit from a Drop Pod and can be used as either a Conversion Field or Power Field Generator.

Both of these are still under construction.

Here are the chassis from the back. When they are finished, both with have the control panel bit shown on the right, which I cannibalized from the interior of a Rhino.

I'll post up some more pictures of the tracked platforms once they're finished, and then start painting.

Update 12/16/13

I've finished the the conversion and basing work on the two tracked platforms.


Here they are from the rear, showing the control panels and stabilizers.

And one final shot of all the remaining models before the primer coat goes on. The big tower/antenna thingy in the middle is a battlefield objective.

Up next, primer and paint.

Painting the Techmarines

Update 3/21/14

Here are the Techmarines, Servitors, and tracked platforms for the Dark Angels, all painted up and ready for clearcoat


The Techmarines from the front...

... and from the sides, with the freehand chapter iconography.

The Servitors, 2 with Plasma Cannons, 2 armed for close combat.

Here are the weapon platoforms, with the glow effects on the conversion beamer and the top of the dome generator.

The weapon platforms from the back, showing the stabilizers and the control panels.

Only a few more models and this project will be done.

Update 4/3/14

In addition to the Dark Angels, there were a couple of Iron Hands guys thrown in here as well. On the left is a Techmarine conversion, and on the left is an Apothecary.


Back to the Dark Angels, here is a Comm Station and a Tunnel Entrance, which can be used as battlefield objectives.

The last few models of this project are a couple of Veterans flanking a Standard Bearer. The Veterans will be part of an honor guard detachment, and are from the 4th and 5th Companies, as indicated by the badges on their right knee armor.

I wanted to show the steps in creating a freehand banner, so I took a series of pictures while painting it.

Step 1: Prime the detail part of the banner in white and draw a pencil outline of the design directly onto the banner. In this case, I'm using the Dark Angels Chapter Banner taken straight from the codex, but altered slightly to fit the plastic banner.

Step 2: Go over the pencil drawing with a paintbrush and black paint to define the outlines of the drawing. It's a good idea to reeeeally thin your paint at this stage so it flows smoothly and doesn't clump.

Step 3: Block in the base colors of the design. I used Dark Angels Green for the robes, Space Wolves Grey for the wings, and Mournfang Brown for the skulls and banners.

I also did a bit of shading on the wings with a thinned down black wash.

Step 4: Begin building up the midtones and highlights. White for the wings, Snot Green for the robes, and Bleached Bone for the banners and skulls.

Step 5: Apply finla highlights and details. I lightened up the scroll on the bottom with white before writing in the "Dark Angels" lettering. I also highlighted the folds in the fabric with dark grey, as well as painting the halo in yellow.

One final glamor shot of the Dark Angels models before applying dullcoat and packing them up to ship.

Bag 'em and tag 'em.