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Dark Angels V - finished on 12/11/12

Customer: Josh Bacon

Project Outline: Scouts, Devastators, Deathwing Terminators, a load of character models, and a couple of Rhinos. Expect this to be long one, with other projects being done concurrently.


I decided to start this next round of Dark Angels by painting the Rhinos first.

No particular reason... I just felt like painting some tanks.

Here they are from the left front...



... the right front...



... and a closeup shot of the top, with the freehand chapter symbol on the roof hatch.

Next up will be a Devestator Squad with Plasma Cannons.


Update 5/24/12

At the customer's request, I've added some hull markings to the Rhinos.



I've also painted up the Devestator Squad with Plasma Cannons.

They've all got freehand chapter icons and squad numbers painted on their shoulder pads.



Here are a couple of the Devestators, showing off their 'gang colors'.



Update 6/12/12

Here's a Tactical Squad, armed with Plasma Gun and Lascannon.

As opposed to most of the other Dark Angels I've painted over the last year or so, these guys belong to the 5th Company as opposed to the 3rd (note the 5th Company badge on the knee pads).



Update 6/15/12

Here is the Veteran sergeant for the Tactical Squad above, as well as a Deathwatch Marine from the Dark Angels Chapter, the deathwatch guy is a demolitions specialist, hence all the grenades and explosive goodies.

Up next will be some Deathwing Terminators and then probably some Scouts.



Update 7/4/12

Up next are some Deathwing models.

First up is a Captain in Terminator armor, mounted on a resin Urban Wasteland Base to match the rest of the army.



Next are 5 Deathwing Terminators, armed with a variety of weapons. The cool thing about Deathwing Terminator Squads is that you can mix and match ranged and close combat weapons in the same squad, and even on the same model.

I gave a few of these guys a bath in simple green to strip off the black primer. Since the Deathwing color scheme is so light, it requires white primer.

Up next I'll be re-basing some Scouts and painting them up as well.

Here is one of the Terminators armed with a Thunderhammer and Storm Shield. I've also added a Cyclone Missile Launcher to the top of the model.

I've magnetized the launchers so that it can be removed if desired.

Here are all the Deathwing models, ready for paint.

I primed the bases seperately from the models, since the Deathwing paint scheme is light and the urban bases are dark, they required different primer colors.

Up next...


Update 7/19/12

Here is the Deathwing Captain, all painted up and ready for dullcoat.



From the back.


Here are the Deathwing Terminators.

The Cyclone Missile Launcher is magnetized

Here is the Cyclone Terminator with the Launcher detached. I made a small technical 'doohicky' that can act as a base for the Cyclone Launcher for use as an automated defense turret or double as a battlefield objective.


Here are some assembled Scouts, armed primarily with Bolters. One Scout is carrying a Heavy Bolter, and the Sarge is carrying a Bolt Pistol and Combat Knife.

These guys are all rebased on my resin Urban Wasteland Bases and ready for primer.

Update 9/19/12

Here are the Scouts, all painted up and ready to roll.

A close up of the Sarge and the Heavy Bolter guy. The Sarge has a freehand Chapter Symbol on his shoulder pad.


Here are a couple more Scouts. I'm pretty stoked with how the faces came out on these guys.


Update 10/24/12

For this update, I've painted up 3 Librarians. The guy in the middle is Ezekiel, the Dark Angels Librarian special character. On his right and left are two regular Librarians.

I've also finished up a Techmarine, armed with a power axe and servo arm, and his bodyguard of Servitors.

Up next will be some Company Veterans and a squad of Sternguard.

Update 11/16/12

Here are a couple of character models. The guy on the left is a Chaplain converted from the Legion of the Damned Sergeant. The guy on the right is a Company Captain.

Here are several Company Veterans, all armed with large blades and halberds. The arms on the models come from the Grey Knight and Sanguinary Guard kits.

Here is a squad of Sternguard Veterans. The two guys in the very back were primed and partially basecoated before I got the idea to create custom magazines for their bolters.

The stock GW Sternguard models have these cool ammo box style magazines on their bolters, very similar to that mounted on a storm bolter.

I always liked the look of it, so I took it upon myself to create a resin bit that allows for easy conversion.

Up next will be primer and paint.

Update 12/7/12

The Sternguard are all ready to roll. These guys are the 1st squad of the 5th Company, with the appropriate shoulder pad and knee pad markings.

I'm liking the box magazines so well, I think the next Marine Army I build for my studio will have them exclusively.

Here is the Veteran Sergeant for the above Sterguard Squad. I just noticed he's got a "4" instead of a "5" painted on his banner.

That will be remedied shortly.

At this point, this project is completed, the Chapian, Company Captain and Veterans will be finished as part of the Dark Angels VI project starting early 2013.